The Beggining Of A Different Life

Charlotte gets home to two surprises and having a good day over her life being sucky over her family not being together and having to go through high school when she didn't know that everything was about to change with the entire world and meeting a person that might take a new spot in her life.


3. Chapter 3: New Responsibility

The door busts open and a ton of dead people start to run in, I start shooting them in the head and so does Carl. Naomi is hugging my leg and I can hear her faint crying, my clip is empty and I quickly drop it and grab a new one. A dead person comes towards me and goes for Naomi, I quickly reload my gun and shoot it in the head before it could even touch her. Carl shoots the last one and runs and closes the door and blocks it, I kneel to her height "did it get you, are you okay?" I ask her all freaked out. She hugs me tightly "it almost hurt me like my daddy" she says stuttering, I hug her back tighly "I would never let that happen to you, I promise it" I say letting her go and looking at her face and she nods. I stand up and Carl comes running to me "are YOU oaky, are you hurt?" he says sounding as freaked out as I was, "I'm ok, how are you?" I ask him relizing I haven't been watching if anything happened to him after I shot the dead person in the head. "I'm good" he tells me giving me a smile making me smile, "we aren't safe here anymore, more could have heard and could be coming" I say grabbing Naomi and walking back to Carl as I see him nod. I turn around to her and kneel to her height again, I get out my knife and hand it to her when she sees it she shakes her head, "Naomi take this for your protection" I tell her as she is still shaking her head no. "Naomi please take this incase something happenes to me" I ask her and she takes it, "nothing is going to happen to you right?" she asks me with fear in her eyes. I look at the ground "I promise" I say looking back at her as she takes my hand. "Let me check outside" Carl says that way if we get a chance to runwe go for it, I feel Naomi squeeze my hand and I see her holding the knife in her other hand. I start to get a bad feeling in my gut about her, "Naomi, just incase any of us get spilt up and you can't find me but you find Carl you stay with him and stay with him no matter what" I say as she looks at Carl then back to me. "But you promi...." she says but I cut her off "I know what I said but if something does happen and we get slipt up and you have Carl, stay with him and I will find you and him no matter what even if it kills me" I say pushing her hair behind her ear. She nods "you never told me your name" she says with tears in her eyes "Charlotte" I tell her wipeing away her tears. She hugs me again "" she says stuttering from crying, "I love you to Naomi and I promise to always protect you like you're my own" I say as she stops hugging me and nods. I stand up and walk over to Carl, "hows it look?" I ask him as he closes the door and looks down at the ground, then to me. "Your dad was freaking out when we all turned around and didn't see you, he kept blaming his self for losing you" he tells me looking me in the eyes, "he shouldn't have blamed his self I'm the one who didn't......" I say but get cut off by Carl. "It's not your fault either, it's mine for not staying close to you, and when no one was looking I went to look for you" he says looking back down at the ground, I hug him tightly, unexpected for him. "Thank you Carl for finding me and saving me" I tell him as I feel him hug me back, "your welcome and I told you I would protect you" he says over my shoulder and I let go of him. "But how is it out there? Good enough to run?" I ask hoping this time he will answer the question, "yeah but we will have to be quick, and this time stay with me and don't leave my side again please" he says looking at me with worry in his eyes like he's scared of losing me again, like I was his, I nod finally but still picture that look in his eyes thinking until I feel Naomi grab my hand. I look at her and smile and pull my gun out and see her holding the knife, I move Naomi in front of me so she can stay close to Carl and I, but mostly close to Carl just in case something happens to me. "Ready 1,2,3" Carl says then pushes the store door open and we run again, see Naomi running for her life and Carl in the front with his gun looking back at us to see if we're okay. A herd of dead people come out of a corner, Naomi gets surrounded by them and screams, a bunch more start showing and I run to her. Then I see Carl shoot all of the ones that surrounded her and picks her up. "CHARLOTTE RUN" he yells to me. I run toward them but get cut off by a huge herd "CARL RUN WITH NAOMI" I yell to him shooting the herd. "IM NOT LEAVING WITHOUT YOU" I hear him yell back, "CARL, GO GET TO THE TOP FLOOR, GET NAOMI OUT OF HERE, I'LL MEET YOU GUYS THERE" I yell back in a tense voice. I then hear more gunshots fade away, I am now surrounded, I shoot more and am now out of amo, I reach to where my knife use to be and remember I gave it to Naomi. "I had a feeling something bad was gonna happen".

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