The Beggining Of A Different Life

Charlotte gets home to two surprises and having a good day over her life being sucky over her family not being together and having to go through high school when she didn't know that everything was about to change with the entire world and meeting a person that might take a new spot in her life.


2. Chapter 2: Where Now?

As we all start to run out, the dead worker was right there was dead people EVERYWHERE. I hear a little girl scream and see her cornered by one of the dead people, I stopped in my trackes I aim my gun and shoot it in the back.It turns around and starts walking toward me, I shoot it again in the heart and its still coming. I start to panic and shoot for the head it falls to the ground and is for surely dead, "COME ON" I yell to her motioning her to come to where I was. She runs over to me "are you ok where are you parents" I ask her she starts to cry and points to the dead person I just shot. "Daddy got hurt by one of those bad things and tried to

hurt me" she says "where's your mommy and siblings" I ask she shakes her head "whats your name" trying to get quick information about who she is and take her to safety with us since she is just a little kid "Naomi". I wipe away her tears "ok Naomi I need you to stay by my side no matter what and I'll protect u we all..." I turn around and I don't see anybody not my dad brothers Rick or Carl then I start to hear a lot of moaning "ok Naomi you stay be me and run now matter what ok" I say starting to shake a little bit "ok" she finally says the moaning starts to get closer,I grab her hand and we run. I am looking around everywhere for any sign of them when something grabs my leg, I trip and fall and Naomi pulls my hand trying to help me up as I look to see one of them has my leg and I dropped my gun and I see it across the room. "GET UP" Naomi says to me as im trying to get the dead person to let go but it has a strong grip on my leg, "GET MY GUN HURRY!" I tell her pointing at it and she goes to grab it. I look back at the dead person and kick its face with my other foot, it starts to try to bit me and I start to get scared. I remembered my knife my dad got me for my 15th birthday birthday, I grab it and stab it in the head and finally get up and see Naomi running to me from another dead person. I stab it in the heart and push it back and its still coming I stab it in the eye and it finally falls the brian must be the way to kill these things, I turn around and she looks ok, I need my gun I cant keep killing these things with just a knife the hole time. I look across the room and my gun is GONE, "did u grab my gun?" I ask her and she shakes her head and screamed. Another one grabbed my arm, I couldn't react fast enough and the dead person gets close to biteing me, when I hear a gun shot and I see Carl with my gun in his hand. He runs to me and Naomi and I run over to him, "where did you go where is everyone?" I ask all shook up from what just happened he hands me my gun, "we were almost to the exit when I looked back to see if you were okay and you weren't there, your dad started freking out and I know where they are and I snuck out to find you" Carl says looking at Naomi weird. "This is Naomi she lost her parents, thanks for saving me, and thank you fo....." I say getting cut off by loud noises coming towards us and Carl grabs my hand and I grab Naomi's and we run and hide in the closest store and hide in a cornor waiting for it to pass. Carl and I are standing up with our guns aimed at the door ready for anything, as I am standing in front of Naomi guarding her. I look at Carl and he looks at me and he whispers "stay with me and I'll protect you" I nod and look back at the door, all of a sudden something starts banging at the door and the unexpected happened.

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