The Beggining Of A Different Life

Charlotte gets home to two surprises and having a good day over her life being sucky over her family not being together and having to go through high school when she didn't know that everything was about to change with the entire world and meeting a person that might take a new spot in her life.


1. Chapter 1: It All Begins

I came home from a day of school to my dads house, while my little sister goes to my moms. I walked inside and saw my two older brothers in the living room. I ran to them and hugged them both tight and didn't let go, I haven't seen them in two or three years. "I missed you guys" I say "we missed you to". I was so happy to see them, later that day my dad, brothers, and I all went shooting at the closest shooting range. I got to shoot my dads ruger, it was my first time ever shooting a gun and I hit the middle of the target every time. "That's beginners luck" my 2nd older Randy says while my oldest brother Travis laughs and agrees. "Alright, watch this" I say, I make the target move all the way back to the wall, I aim the gun, I squeeze the trigger, BANG. My dad brings back the target, it hit right between two holes of where I hit earlier and right through the middle, "BULLSEYE". I look at my brothers "you guys might need a little more practicing". I put down my dads gun and start to grab the other clip, when I see people running and hear screaming. "What's going on?" I ask my dad "I don't know" my dad asks the worker "there are dead people eating people" I look at my dad and brothers terrified "dead people?" A dead person ran in on the other side of the window and attacked the worker and started eating him. My dad slowly grabbed his gun and the clip, my brothers got their guns out also. My dad grabs my arm and looks at me "Charlotte, you stay close by me and your brothers no matter what, you hear me" I nod to my dad when I feel a tear down my face from being so terrified. I do as my dad says and stay behind my brothers and him. When he opened the door a alarm went off, to tell people to stop shooting, the dead person eating the worker stops and runs toward us. I close my eyes as I hear BANG I open my eyes and see a boy maybe my age with a gun, "are you okay?" he asks "yeah" I say "we have to go" he says "who are you?" I ask, he turns around as a older man ran to him "I'm Carl Grimes and this is my dad Rick Grimes". "I'm Charlotte this is my dad and two brothers" I say to him. We get interupted by hearing more screaming "we have to leave now, if you wanna come with us, then you have to stay with us" Rick says grabbing his son. My dad looks at my brothers and me and I nod telling my dad we follow. My dad tells Rick we will follow him and stnds by him to make sure the coast is clear. Travis hands me a gun I look up surprised "stay close and if anything tries to get you, you kill it" I nod and take the gun. Rick and dad are trying to figure out when to run to get out of here. The Carl kid was right beside me, i could tell by the look on his face he knew I was scared and ready to run, and I was. Rick and my dad looked out for the last time "ok it looks clear but no matter what you stay close and no matter what you run" my dad tells everyone "especially you Charlotte" he says finally looking at me. I nod and let out another tear and get ready. I look at Carl and he whisperes "stay with me and I'll protect you". As I was about to answer him, Rick opened the door and we all started to run.

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