Melanie's First Time (5sos fanfic)

Melanie's goal is to finally lose her virginity, but when she stumbles upon a new student that she has a interest for. Therefore, she tries to lose his virginity to him but the only problem is that.... she doesn't know how to start.


1. Life Long Fantasy...

Melanie's P.O.V

It was a average day at school, me and my best friend Aria were just walking down the hall getting stared at by the whole school. (If you haven't noticed im like the most popular girl in school)


So ! Melanie, what is your lifetime goal ?! I had to think for awhile because honestly... I didn't know. But then it hit me ! I WANNA GET LAID BY 100 GUYS ! I practically screamed in Aria's face. I don't know why, but I so saw that coming Aria said.


I mean it makes perfect sense, All these idiots for guys would die to get it on with me! I mean look at me ! I said trying to make a statement. Melanie, I love you so so much and I mena this in the best way ! CALM THE FUCK DOWN ! For all we now you'll just get laid like 4 times and be left heartbroken ! Aria said while walking away from me.


YOU'LL SEE ARIA, YOU'LL SEE ! I said yelling like a jack ass.




I sat in homeroom sketching adorable fashion designs while Ms. Alnoe blabbed about dumb stuff. Oh god ! I completely forgot ! Class we have a new student attending Emerson High ! I thought it was another wannabe chick with way to much makeup on, but trust me... It wasn't ! All I know is that a tall blonde dude came strutting into the class.

Guys, this is Luke Hemmings ! He will be attending Emerson high !







Hope you guys like the story so far ! What will be Melanie's reaction to Luke ?! Find out iin the next chapter ! Byeee

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