I think i can

Has anyone said you can do it? Has anyone said your a piece of shit well for Taylissa Diamond Bardill that happens to her every day


2. school

Tay's POV- "hey slut" a random guy says to me to me once I walk into the school then I saw a boy I never wanted to see Connor my sexual abuser boyfriend and before you say why the hell didint you break up with him!!! Well trust me I've tryed so many times well 46 times to be exact and every time I do hey would punch me. I hated Conner so much that's why I try to avoid him and he made my life a living hell "hey sex bunny why the fuck are you late!" Conner yelled causing a seen then hey puched me in the face so fast that you could say "fuck you calum!!!" Haha see what I did there ok back to the story. Then I ran away crying so I text my best friend Cali her real name is Cali Morgan Thomas and she has long blonde hair with the tips dyed pink and she has blue eyes and she loves 5sos not to mention she has a huge crush on Luke hemmings. Once I got home I saw a black car in the drive way it was Connor oh shit once I got in I saw Connor in my kitchen breaking everything then he.... Haha cliffhanger I will update tomorrow bye!!! Btw michael Clifford's nickname is cliff hanger just saying!!! Kk byeya!

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