Based on the seven deadly sins and seven heavenly virtues, a fight between good and evil ensues between the two main characters Aimee and Marisa. Along the way Aimee finds other of 'her kind.' Together they make their way through a long difficult journey and possibly war.


1. Monarchs and Viceroys

When twins are born, especially identical twins, it's often looked at as either beautiful or horrid. On the night that Aimee was born, it was horrid, because it was unexpected and Aimee was the youngest of the two. Marisa, Aimee's beautiful and identical twin, was the oldest. The two girls born that night were not wanted at first, at least the one wasn't, but then the other came into the world and things changed. It was then that they were both picked for the most amazing thing that was the beginning of a new era. Of a new day and age, of a new war. Maybe. 

These twins, these identical twins were the symbols of love and hate. One was a monarch, beautiful in every way with it's bright wings. The other was a viceroy. It mimic the other and was slightly smaller. It's wings not as bright. There are two very big differences between the monarch and the viceroy. The monarch, when eaten, is toxic, therefore avoided by its predators. The viceroy, however, is not, but since both these butterflies look the same, both are avoided. This was true with the twins. 

Marisa, whose name meant bitter, was much like a monarch. Beautiful in every way and considered the 'pretty one.' She was, like the monarch, very poisonous in her behavior. For she was the one who was hatred, for the butterflies picked her for some reason. Her attitude spread like a flood wherever she went and was always slightly stronger than her sister's.

Aimee, whose name meant loved, was the viceroy. Her looks mimicked her sister's nearly to the tee, however she became quite a bit heavier than her when she became older. She symbolized love, because like the butterflies picked her sister, different butterflies picked her. She was the younger out of the two and was the one who shocked them all. For no one had seen a good butterfly for many, many years. At first they had no idea what to make of it. For they had not seen a butterfly like this for so long, that they did not know what type of butterfly it was. It would have scared them if not for Aimee's virtue. It flooded the room for a few seconds, combating her sister's for only a little bit. It would be like that for the most of their lives. 


"Aimee? Aimee, wake up it's time to leave," her mother said. Today she had things to do, like everyday. Like go to school in the morning, then come back at home at noon and deliver the various orders from around the village, only to pick up new ones. Then she would do her homework, trying really hard to figure out the complicated equations, that didn't make sense to her. If she hadn't completely given up at that point of her day, she would help in the bakery and with dinner for the next night. After that she would eat and go to her bed only to stay awake for hours dreaming about the viceroys. 

This was how Aimee had always lived her life, this was how it was and this is how, she thought, it would always be. For she, now trying to get over the fact that her twin had been in the palace for five years now, was trying to find some type of normalcy in her life. She and her twin had been picked for what her parents, or at least her mother, called the butterflies. This is why she dreamed about the viceroys and her sister had dreamed of the monarchs. She, or sister as far as she knew, had been told no more of the butterflies. Just that they had picked them. 

Aimee was ten when they took Marisa. She could remember it like it was the day of, for she loved her sister even though she knew Marisa hated her. It's not her fault, she always thought, she was picked by the butterflies,too. Her parents had gotten her to the field in time to see the viceroys and the monarchs. To let her see the larger butterflies, the monarchs, leave and the smaller ones, the viceroys, to stay. It was when she saw that she knew something was wrong. She had gotten back to notice the car leave. The car had been sleek and black, with the picture of a monarch on the side. The big monarch that was printed into her mind like the viceroys. 

"Aimee, it's time to wake up," her mother said again, this time pulling her warm quilt off of her. 

"I'm up! I'm up!" The words were muffled by her pillow, which fell to the floor when she rolled off her bed. She slowly walked over to her closet, picking out her school uniform and slipping it on. She pinned back her dark brown hair and then looked into the mirror, her eyes still filled with sleep. She examine her appearance carefully. Seeing she had a bit of a stomach and a slight figure. Seeing the way her extremely dark eyes had a hint of dark red and the way her mixture of curly, wavy hair stopped right above her shoulders blades. She examined the way the black, knee high socks stretched over her calves and the way her black oxfords slipped on her feet tightly. She looked at how the navy blue skirt hit right above the knee and how worn it looked. and how the way her white blouse would have to be replaced soon and so would her navy blue cardigan. Aimee looked at her appearance and how drab it looked. She made a note of it, then went down to the bakery on the bottom floor.

"Breakfast," her father said as she grabbed the bagel from his hand. It had homemade butter on it that came from Mrs. Matilde and the warm bagel seemingly melt in her mouth. 

"Thank you," she said, stuffing another bite into her mouth before grabbing her satchel that was handed down to her. She slowly made sure everything was in there, she couldn't afford to loose anything, her school supplies were too expensive. 

"Aimee, you must be going. A bike only goes so fast," her mother said, rushing her out the door and kissing her head. Aimee said good bye to her mother in usual way "Good bye, I love you," and then grabbed her bike and started riding to the school house. It was a short ride, but took longer because Aimee said hello to everyone and everyone said hello to Aimee. The whole town loved the girl, she had that effect on them. 

She was late by only a few minutes and she rushed into class, her bag hanging of her shoulder. She tried not to make a spectacle of herself as she walked to the back of the room to her seat. However, her teacher was not there yet and that made her slightly worried. Mr. Lennard was never late, so something must've been wrong. When an elderly lady walked into class she raised her hand, hoping that the women would see her in the very back of the classroom, however she didn't. Instead someone else asked the question that was on all of the students minds. 

"Where is our teacher?" 

"Sick, he won't be back for awhile. It was something to do with food poisoning, I think." Marisa. She was back and she was spreading like wildfire. Aimee, knowing that the appearance of her sister could only bring out the hate in people, left the room, grabbing a hallway pass on the way out. Aimee felt horrible leaving the classroom unexcused, but she had already done so much in the lives of the people she loved that she really didn't want it to be reversed. Aimee knew that her idea of horror, was Marisa's idea of fun. 


It had been five years since Marisa had left that stupid little village that her twin, Aimee, called home. She had hated it, but not as much as her sister. She had hated her sister as much as Aimee loved her. They had no relationship according to Marisa, for Marisa did not have relationships with anyone. That was who she was, all because of those damned butterflies she had nothing. Yes she had the palace and she didn't hate those around her who were, in a way, just like her. They all represented the things that people didn't want to feel, the things that were ruling the world. 

When she had arrived at the palace when she was ten she was the only girl and the only one with siblings, let alone a twin. All of that was behind as soon as she had stepped into the monarch car. For it was then that she was filled in on who the real enemy was and where her true family was. She was part of a legacy that reigned supreme, while her Aimee was nothing but a forgotten memory of the past. Marisa had always known that she was superior to Aimee, from the moment they were born. 

She had lived with her ideas confirmed and unchallenged for five years. Even with that confidence, she had her fears. She feared that maybe she wasn't right, that maybe Aimee and the others of her kind were more powerful. That maybe the viceroy was somehow better than the monarch. Marisa had tried to stay away from that village because of her fear and hatred for it, so when she was told she would have to go back, she threw a fit. 

"He says you have to pay her a visit," the elderly man said. He was wearing his pristine uniform, that consisted of a black suit and vest with a white button down shirt and gloves. 

"Well tell him I don't care. You know I really hate this don't you, and I, of all people should know what hate is." Marisa didn't talk, she hissed. Her words came out like any minute she would erupt.

"These are just my orders, miss." The man said through strain teeth. Just by standing in the same building with Marisa made you feel this overwhelming feeling. People either had to get use to it, or leave. 

"Fine, I'll go. Tell him I will be ready, but on my own time." She turned then looked back at the man, "That is your cue to leave." 

As soon as the man left, she fished out what she thought was appropriate. A black dress that was tight and emphasized what little figure she had. Marisa was thinner than her sister, having worked hard for her no belly and slim thighs. She had longer hair than Aimee, and it cascaded past her shoulder blades and towards the middle of her back. However it was often pulled back in a ponytail or strict bun. That day it was going in a braid. After she was sure she looked presentable, if not gorgeous, she looked in the mirror. She looked at all the features that were the same as her sister. All those features that she hated simply because she knew someone else had them. It can't be helped, she thought then walked out. 

She did not say good bye to anyone when she left and only spoke to say she needed her cloak. Marisa did not say anything on the way to the small village either. She did wear a bit of a smirk when she saw a monarch out the window ahead of the car. It would be the only thing even close to a smile that she would wear that day. 

When Marisa had stepped out of the monarch car, Aimee was there to meet her. Neither sister was please to see the other, but they both had to admit, there was something about being twins that made them care for each no matter how much they didn't want to. 

"Marisa," Aimee said.

"Aimee," Marisa hissed. 

You could feel the tension in the air as a silent battle was going on. The villagers could not see, nor hear the battle, but they could feel it. It stayed like that for a few minutes. Those minutes seem to go by so slowly so did everything them around them. Just a few intense moments before everything went to hell. 

"You lost, Aimee," the pretty twin said.

The other twin nodded silently. She had tried hard to combat her sister's powerful presence. She just didn't know how, she didn't know how her sister had been so strong just to win like that. 

"You know that you have to leave now," Marisa hissed. Aimee nodded once again and then got back on her bike to go home. She had a few things to pick up before she left and she had a few 'I love you's to give away. 

When she did leave, part of her knew that she would never come back. Another part of her knew that she would meet people that would help strengthen her, make her even better.

That feeling was extremely intense when she arrived in a small town only three days later. 

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