Reach Too Far

A vast open field. Green grass, prickling her bare feet, and soft, yellow petals of millions of dandelions caressing her skin. It was quiet besides the gentle breathing of the copper thoroughbred nudging her shoulder. She stood, staring into the horizon, at the boy with the chocolate brown eyes. The boy with the short, soft hair. With the sweet smile. The boy she reached too far for.


3. Chapter Two

*Tealors POV*
    When our truck was about a block from the school, I turned off the music, and rolled up our windows, rolling my eyes from the whine leaving Keagans mouth. I flipped open the mirror and checked my face for anything wired, then slapped it shut. I glanced out my window to see my brother has already packed and shut off the car. I picked up my bag, kissed Keagan on the cheek and pushed the door open with my foot. I clambered out of the car and my spine went stiff from the freezing temperature. 
    "It BETTER snow soon." I mumbled. Keagan laughed, and I playfully punched his shoulder. 
    "You walking home?" Keagan asked.
    "Yeah." I nodded slowly, tapping quickly on my phone screen. 
    "Now, be careful, there's allot of weird guys--" I sighed loudly to interrupt him. I tucked my phone in my pocket before answering. 
    "I'm not ten, Keagan. Reuben and Cara will be walking with me, anyways." 
    " I know, I know, it's just after... that, I didn't want anything to happen to you." Keagan glanced at me. I looked at him for awhile, before hugging him. 
    " I have to go meet Reuben, or we will both be late." I waved before turning around and walking to the front doors of the school. I pulled open the double doors, to be met with a tight hug, and an adorable smile. 
    " Hey there, Tay." Reuben said, slinging his arm around my shoulder. "What's up?"
    "Tournament on Saturday, but other than that, not much..." I trailed off before wearily glancing at the skipping, energetic girl bouncing in my direction. 
    "OMG, so much to tell you, cause you didn't answer your phone, and Reuben couldn't reach you either, but this is so exciting, and he's hot." Cara jumbled out quickly. 
    "I'm glad to see you too, Cara. But who's hot?" I glanced around, not seeing anyone close to it. Well, maybe some guys. 
    "Ugh, she's been going on and on about him the entire morning!" Reuben threw his arms in the air to emphasize his point. I laughed in response. Typical Cara. 
    "There's this new guy in school--" she was cut off by the ring of bell. "Well, I'm off. Reuben, inform her please." She gave him a pointed look and he rolled his eyes. 
    "Well?" I asked after a couple steps in silence. "Who's the new guy?" 
    "You'll see." Reuben said with a hint of resentment in his voice. Who was this guy? I walked up to the door of our classroom with Reuben and he swung it open for me. 
    "Thanks" I automatically responded. He's done it so many time for me, it became part of our routine. I stepped inside the classroom, and walked over to my desk, throwing short glances around the room for this "new guy". Reuben fell into his chair next to me and threw his back back under the table. 
    "He's not here yet." Reuben mumbled. I sighed, and took a seat in my chair. Reuben and I chatted for a few moments before a shadow fell into the room. Everyone's voices abruptly stopped. I glanced towards the door, and saw why Cara had been so excited. This "new guy" was tall, with broad shoulders, easy walk and built muscles. He had short cropped, brown hair with a serious expression I couldn't decipher, but chocolate brown eyes that told stories. He walked easily to the front of the classroom, and everyone's eyes followed him. 
    "You're drooling, Tay." Reuben joked. 
    "Am not!" I whispered harshly, smacking his arm. He laughed under his breath and rubbed his arm. I watched as the "new guy" handed the teacher a slip of paper, and told her something. I strained my ears, and leaned forward in my seat to catch a word or two. I jolted back when the teacher stood up and addressed the class. 
    "Good Morning, class. As you might have noticed, a new student will be joining us this school year, and many more to come. Please welcome Liam Payne. How about you tell us a little about yourself Liam?" Our teacher clasped her hands together and turned her head to look at Liam. He shifted under the staring eyes of our class. 
    "Um, my names Liam, I'm 17, I'm, uh, I'm a senior. I just moved into town, so I'm kind of new." A couple girls were leaning on their elbows, exposing too much cleavage, through their low cut shirts. He gave them a way glance, and they grew hearts for eyes. I rolled mine, and sat back in my chair. Liam gave me a quick look, before moving to the seat he was assigned by the teacher. 
    "Now class, we will be reading from our textbooks, and taking notes, on the passage. Please do so quietly. The assignment is on the board. I reached for my backpack and pulled out my notebook, a pencil, and my ear phones. I set it them down on my desk, before walking over to the bookshelf with the rest of the class. I waited till the three people in front of me argued for the text lol without any stains or pencil markings. I reached for a book and was sliding it out of its place when something, or someone, knocked it to the floor. I looked up to see who it was and ended up looking at the flat chest of a large boy. I looked up at his face and noticed it was Liam. He had a sorry expression, was nervously looking at my face, to detect anger. 
    "I'm so sorry, ugh, I didn't m an to." He stuttered, reaching for the book on the floor. 
    "No, it's okay, it was an accident" I brushed his hand aside before snatching the book for the ground. "Thanks, anyway" I threw him a smile before walking back to my desk. I sat down and glanced at the board before flipping to the right page. I slipped out my phone and plugged in my earphones. I flipped through my songs, before deciding on one. I shut out the noise of the classroom and replaced it with the noise of my music. I leaned on my elbow, and started to scribble down some notes from our book. I got down three bullet point,when I noticed a folded piece of notebook paper was slipped onto my desk. I raised my eyebrow, and looked around to find the person who gave it to me. I looked up at Reuben, and he had a frown etched on his face. I pointed at the paper with my pen and mouthed "Who's it from?" He shrugged before gazing at it resentfully. I sighed before sitting up and taking the slip of paper. I moved it under my desk as looked up at the teacher. She was sitting at her desk, grading some papers, with an annoyed expression. I slowly looked back at the folded paper, and unfolding it. A simple "Hey" was scribbled with a black pen. I frowned. I racked my brain for people in this class who might want to send me a note. The two people who do that is Cara and Reuben, my best friends. Liam. The name suddenly popped up in my head. I turned to look at him and he looked up from his textbook to shoot me a smile. I looked back to the paper, and scribbling a "Hi" with my pencil. I folded the paper back and tossed to Liam. He caught it and I watched him unfold and and breath out a laugh. During the whole period, Liam and I passed the piece of paper back and forth, discussing things from our favorite color to the music we listen to. Reuben was scowling at his textbook the whole time. I was packing my things, laughing at a joke Reuben cracked about the teacher, when Liam walked by my desk. 
    "See you tomorrow, Taelor." He waved and continued to the door. I turned to an angry Reuben, stuffing his notebook into his backpack. 
    "Reuben! What is your problem? You've been like this the entire class period!" 
    " Taelor, he's trouble. Please, I know more about him, that you do, I just don't want you to get hurt." He sighed, slouching by the end of his statement. I slung my backpack and walked over to him. I hugged him tight, and helped him pack the rest of his stuff. We excited the classroom, to be met with an over excited Cara. I noticed the coffee mug, and snatched it from her. 
    "Cara! You're going to explode!" She rolled her eyes, but didn't take it back. 
    "Sooooo, did you guys meet LIAM? She glanced at the moody Reuben, then back at me. 
    "Taelor and Liam got along very well. They passed notes all class period. Wonder how she got her homework done." 
    "Hey! We were just talking. And plus, he's really nice." I mumbled.
    "He's more than just nice! I have PE with him. He is seeeexy." I rolled my eyes.
    The rest of the day flew by, with no other classes being with Liam. At the end of the day, Reuben, Cara, and I walked down the street towards the small cafe.the tension was growing between me and Reuben, filled with Liam. Cara was oblivious to it, and rambled on about how she got a new dress for prom, and oh my gosh, it's so cute. I sighed, and opened the door of the cafe for my two best friends. They stepped inside, relaxing their tense muscles when the rush of cinnamon smelling, warmth hit them. I stepped in behind them and sighed, we shuffled to our table and sat closely together. Reuben and I on one side of the booth and Cara on the other. We chatted about this or that, when suddenly, I remembered something. 
    "Hey guys," both pair of eyes looked at me, waiting. "I have a horse tournament on Saturday, in Astoria, you want to come. My coach let me take two friends and my parents."
    "OMG, yes, I totally want to come!" Cara shrieked. I winced.
    "Of course, we'll come." Reuben gave me a sideways hug and a charming smile. I blushed. All of my thoughts reeled to a halt, and Reuben's smile widened. Blush? Why did I blush?


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