Reach Too Far

A vast open field. Green grass, prickling her bare feet, and soft, yellow petals of millions of dandelions caressing her skin. It was quiet besides the gentle breathing of the copper thoroughbred nudging her shoulder. She stood, staring into the horizon, at the boy with the chocolate brown eyes. The boy with the short, soft hair. With the sweet smile. The boy she reached too far for.


2. Chapter One

Taelors POV*

    "Hey Tay! Hurry up! I don't want to be late 'cause your a lazy bum!" I swear Keagan had no sense of time. I groaned in frustration and pulled my light blue duvet over my head. I started to gradually fall back asleep, ignoring the almost silent crinkle of my sheets. 
    "Aaaah!" I jumped out from under my blankets and attempted to get off the bed. Attempted. On the way, my foot got twisted in my blanket, and I crashed to the floor. I moaned loudly, hanging half off my bed, half on the floor, trying to drown out my brothers laugh. Keagan walked around my bed and nudged me with his foot. I noticed the sneaker he had on, and jolted upright, as best as I could with my foot caught in my blanket. 
    "Keagan Helm! Get you and your shoes out of my room and downstairs before I make you wash the floor!" I yelled, looking disgustedly at the muddy marks his Vans left. I huffed and tried to move over to my closet. I immediately fell over, cursing as I untangled my foot from the sheets. I stood up and grumbled some things about my brother, boys and mornings. I clicked open my closet and pulled out some black leggings, a thick, latte colored woolly jumper, and some thick stockings that would go nicely under my high boots. I quickly glanced outside my window to take note of the stormy wind and icicles hanging from the roof. I shivered, and walked over to the bathroom, grabbing a thick towel on the way. I closed the bathroom door, and slowly turned to face the shower. I hated showering. I hated undressing, and looking at myself and noticing the marks my past life left. I threw my clothes and towel on the counter, no turned the shower on. I quickly rid myself of my T-shirt and cotton pajama pants. I stood in front of the mirror, and winced at one scar after the next as they clung to my body, representing horrible memories in the shape of ugly pink gashes. I peeled of my bra and underwear. Tucking them into the wash basket, I glanced at myself and my face twisted in pain. I stood fully exposing my scars. I lightly traced the one extending from my belly button to my armpit, then the small cluster of scars on my right hip. Then the one starting at my lower abdomen to my ribs. Tracing one after the other, I traced the worst one of them all; the scar starting from the tip of my right eye, moving along the side of my face, neck, over my collarbone, and around to my heart. 
    I drew back the shower curtain and took a quick shower. I washed my messed up body, my hair, face, small feet. I withdrew my arm from the warmth of the shower and reached for the towel. I dried my self off and wrapped my hair in the towel. On my way out, I slipped on the tile floor and frantically grabbed for the counter. Luckily, I avoided breaking my tail bone. Sigh deeply, I reached for my undergarments. I pulled them on, without a single glance in the mirror. I tugged the black leggings from my bundle of clothing, causing the rest to fall on the floor. I slipped them on, he grabbed the woolen jumper from the floor. I pulled it over my head, liking how it hid my body form. It wasn't something I was particularly proud of. I tugged on my thick sock, grabbed my wet towel and pulled open the door. I padded to my vanity mirror and turned Around to through the towel on my bed. It landed with a soft thud. 
    " Taelor! I even made you breakfast that you can eat on the way." Keagan yelled from the base of the stairs. 
    "Yeah, your a real sweetheart! Just a sec!" I yelled back with a roll of my eyes, invisible to him. I brushed out my long, straight copper hair, and let it air dry while I applied my make-up. After I was done, I quickly drew my hair into a high ponytail, and walked over to my door. I slipped my bag off the hook and unto my shoulder, and stepped out into the hallway. Our house wasn't very big, but it wasn't super small either. I liked it, though. I skipped down the steps and stepped lightly to the place where my brother was facing the opposite direction. 
    "Holy shit, Taelor, I almost dropped your food." He brushed my hands off his shoulder, watching me slip on my knee high boots. I grabbed the Bol of eggs and snatched the muffin from his hand. 
    " Thank You" I sang in a mocking tone. I hopped out the front door, and Keagan locked it behind himself. I shivered from the decreasing temperature, and puffed some air from my mouth, to watch a cloud of fog erupt from my lips. 
    "Quit acting like such a dork." My brother playfully shoved my shoulder. I scowled but followed him to his truck. I held my purse and plate of food in one hand, while I open the passenger door of the red pick-up. I slipped my foot inside, and held it open whil I jumped the up to the mile high seats. 
    "Shorty" I glare at my Keagan's smirk and threw my bag to the floor.
    "Just drive, Keagan." I sighed. As soon as the words left my mouth, the car lurched backwards and zoomed down the street. 
    " KEAGAN!" Over the feeling of my guts in my throat and the roar of the old trucks engine, I could hear my brother laughing and hooting. Soon enough, I joined in and started laughing. I turned the smile dial and turned on some music. At once, my favorite song came on. I pumped the air with a fist, yelling a "Yes!" And turning up the volume. I rolled Dow the windows and Keagan and I sang off pitch, to my favorite tune. 

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