The Crystal Fortress

18-year-old Cole has questions about his last name, which he had never before known...until he met Crystal. A quiet, but fierce girl, exactly how he liked them.

17-year-old Crystal Summers is as cold as ice and as bright as summer's sun. Her lifetime question was always "Who are my parents?" As her regular life turns into a deep, dark time for survival, she must rely on herself, trusting no one. Or can she?

The Xenos are the lifetime killers. Wanting to destroy the world and create a new world full of "new creatures", everybody believed nobody would ever find such people that would serve them back to where they came from. Crystal and Cole must find how to defeat the Xenos, meanwhile, get their human rights back. Can they succeed?


6. What Cole had Hidden

          Someone with strong arms caught me and I felt so relieved that I was not dead and very much alive. I would have recognized those pair of arms anywhere. Don't even ask me why, cause' I don't know myself. Well, sorta'. Kinda'. I do, in a small sense. I have been dreaming about him and fantasizing everything between us since like, the day I met him, with those dark black eyes...Anyway, I also have been making up chemistry between us, like love, which I have been taught was what made people weak and die out suddenly. I just threw out all that and ignored what thy have told me. 

          Something also told me that Cole was just the type of guy that looks like he dated and made out with like, tons of girls, but I just had this gut feeling that he never had even kissed a girl, well, perhaps his family or somebody really close. Which I am feeling extreme hate towards to right now. Don't tell me, it's called jealousy. Well, maybe. Maybe not, who knows? 

          The moment I opened my eyes I could tell that I was out the whole time. Like some damsel in distress. Ugh, I hate when people just like, completely and insanely saved my life. Because I have to owe them, and say "Thanks" and all that completely unimportant, useless stuff. And that's what I literally said to Cole when I immediately saw him sitting beside me on a wooden chair. I almost felt sorry for him. Note I said almost, I can't forgive people that quick, you know? It's another sign of weakness. 

          It looked like he had it majorly rough, all right. His usually messy hair was more messier than usual, if that is even possible. I guess yes. His dark black eyes seemed to have lost it's sparkle. His clothes are the exact same thing he wore before we started into the woods. And it also looked like he didn't eat anything for the past few days and just sat there besides me, waiting impatiently for me to wake up and greet him. Last of all, I noticed the faintest signs of him crying, or rather, wiping tears from his face. How? His face is just the slightest bit of wet under his eye, and his cheeks are a little blotchy, like he cried for way longer than just 1 minute. For a person who probably wept for more than 1 hour, he hid it immensely well. I had to look really hard to actually notice anything. I admire him for that.

          "Are you okay?", I asked him, the words so hard to get out of my throat. He immediately looked up and I now noticed that he was sleeping. The first smile that I had ever seen as brightly as his just made me shocked. If I could make him feel this for me, than what am I, really? Cole, who is usually so brave and perfect at hiding his inner feelings, has just shown me his vulnerability. 

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