The Crystal Fortress

18-year-old Cole has questions about his last name, which he had never before known...until he met Crystal. A quiet, but fierce girl, exactly how he liked them.

17-year-old Crystal Summers is as cold as ice and as bright as summer's sun. Her lifetime question was always "Who are my parents?" As her regular life turns into a deep, dark time for survival, she must rely on herself, trusting no one. Or can she?

The Xenos are the lifetime killers. Wanting to destroy the world and create a new world full of "new creatures", everybody believed nobody would ever find such people that would serve them back to where they came from. Crystal and Cole must find how to defeat the Xenos, meanwhile, get their human rights back. Can they succeed?


3. The Start of A Hunting Spree

          The next morning, a strange creaking sound came from outside the bedroom door. That's what woke me up. It's 5 in the morning, okay? I'm always a morning grouch, so don't judge me. So I was a little bit first. What changed my mind? Hey, don't get me wrong, I love being a grouch, because then everybody just suddenly acts like your boss to cheer you up, which is such a wonderful feeling. This was what changed my fricken' mind: a glimpse of a face with dark shaggy hair popping in my bedroom, or shall I say his bedroom? He literally freaked me out so bad I swear my heart was on the crater of the Moon when I yelled in fright. Plus the fact that I was wearing only my nightgown. Ha, actually I never really packed clothes, I just stole, no BORROWED his clothes that looked like it would fit me. Oops, forgot to ask permission. But everyone makes mistakes, right? He, he.

          Cole just stormed in like he owned the place, which technically, he does. He has every right to barge in, but you know, I didn't realize this until I saw him. Talk about being a gene-ass. Genius, pity. There was just plain old silence, neither of us wanting to break the silence. Then, unexpectedly, Cole just said, like I knew he would, "Let's go hunting." He says it like he does this every other day, which probably he does. I mean, I don't know him that well to know what he does for a living. So of course, I say, "Sure. Now would you please get your fuckin' ass out of here before I show my true nature. I need to change." Of course, I didn't mention that I was wearing his clothes, or else another point for him. After I was done, with just a leather jacket and tight, tight pants, I went outside the opened door. So he did not close the door after him...hmm. Why?

         Oh well, whatever. "Let's go. Hurry up", Cole shouted from outside. Like was his special pet. Ugh, that boy is one day going down. By me. "Where are we going?", I asked, looking around at the piles of snow on the ground. "Shut it. You'll wake them up. And then we won't be able to get anything to eat. And that's all going to be your useless help", he whispered, with a hint of threat behind it. I gritted my teeth to stop me from throwing a punch right at his dumb, perfect face. "Right", I said, my hands into fists as I endured his awesome instructions. Ugh, this is going to be a long long day.


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