The Crystal Fortress

18-year-old Cole has questions about his last name, which he had never before known...until he met Crystal. A quiet, but fierce girl, exactly how he liked them.

17-year-old Crystal Summers is as cold as ice and as bright as summer's sun. Her lifetime question was always "Who are my parents?" As her regular life turns into a deep, dark time for survival, she must rely on herself, trusting no one. Or can she?

The Xenos are the lifetime killers. Wanting to destroy the world and create a new world full of "new creatures", everybody believed nobody would ever find such people that would serve them back to where they came from. Crystal and Cole must find how to defeat the Xenos, meanwhile, get their human rights back. Can they succeed?


4. The Cage

          As I walked into was was probably the most boring day of mankind, Cole started cracking up lame jokes. Like, really lame. No one could be that name. I don't even think that it should be counted as a joke. His "jokes" were simple and boring. Like. "I stumbled over that big brown tree trunk once. You get it?", he said brightly, looking like he was the genius and I wasn't. Which in a way, he is, in his own...little way. And when I gave him a dumb look, he sighed and whispered, "Really? You don't get the joke? That is impossible." I swear the god, I was about to kick his balls so hard that he would have flew all the way from here to whoever knows where. But I kept quiet and laughed along with him about how I was a turd and he was a smart person. Through gritted teeth, obviously. Like, who can't? 

          So, we were walking. Me looking bored and trying (unsuccessfully) to find some fair game so I could get this useless thing out of this mess. Meanwhile, Cole was the one doing the main job: tracking animal prints and smells and all that stuff I could never fit into my already overcrowded brain. Ha. It's called not gifted, jeez. Then, all of a sudden, I slammed into him right when he stopped walking. "You could have told me you stopped, you fuc-!", I told him angrily, before he cut me off with his hand. That made me even more angry: first of all, he told me to shut up right after I was about to say my curse word and second, he has never touched me before (apart from the fact that he changed me, but no talking about that). But for some curious reason, I enjoyed his touch. That is just darn right creepy. Oops.

          For some cause, he let go of me and I said what I intended to say to him before he blocked me. "Fucking retar-!", I yelled. Someone blocked me, again. I was about to yell again before a low menacing growl came from behind me. I can never stay calm between life and death situations like this. always get funny or grouchy, never serious. But that never meant I don't know how to protect myself. So I said, "Cole...we got a big fair share of game. Uh...there's one right behind me." And then I made a immediate move to run, but something gold and big fell from the sky and trapped me. A cage, yay. 

          Cole yelled something to me, something like, "Grab the long rope-!" But I felt queasy, so that was probably my imagination. Besides, I don't see a long rope that I could by any chance grab on to, so...wait. I thought I saw something long above me right when I weakly looked with my eyeballs above. Cha-ching! I finally hit gold. But, one thing, I was extremely, majorly, creepily, mainly, and a infinite number of words to describe how I felt right now, very, really, scared of heights. I wished I told Cole that I was scared of heights when I first came into the woods. That way, he could have thought of another way to save me in time. That was so hard to admit to myself and more to him, that I was depending on his help when I really need him, like now. "HELP!", I screamed as loudly as I could.

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