The Crystal Fortress

18-year-old Cole has questions about his last name, which he had never before known...until he met Crystal. A quiet, but fierce girl, exactly how he liked them.

17-year-old Crystal Summers is as cold as ice and as bright as summer's sun. Her lifetime question was always "Who are my parents?" As her regular life turns into a deep, dark time for survival, she must rely on herself, trusting no one. Or can she?

The Xenos are the lifetime killers. Wanting to destroy the world and create a new world full of "new creatures", everybody believed nobody would ever find such people that would serve them back to where they came from. Crystal and Cole must find how to defeat the Xenos, meanwhile, get their human rights back. Can they succeed?


1. The Annoying Teenager

          It was dark and silent as the dirty leaves rustled from tall, night trees. A sudden movement behind the trees made me turn around so suddenly that I swear I could have gotten a stroke. "You little freak! Come back here!", a rough man's voice yelled in the quiet, sparkling sky. I turned away and started running as fast as my long, slender legs would carry me, making no slight sound as I quickly scurried from tree to tree. Despite having tear streaks down my face , I remained calm and collected, the twigs and branches in my hair clashing with my dark brown hair. I glanced back and saw no one there. Out of nowhere a large tree trunk popped up in front of me and I knocked my head right into that dumb thing. I got knocked out and everything went black. 

          When I woke up, everything seemed blurry and...clean? The clear, white wall covered the room, giving it a awesome feeling. The floor was so spotless I didn't dare touch it with my foot. I looked down at myself and almost puked. My worn-out clothes were gone, replaced by a long, satin dress that went to my knees, showing off my legs. My hair was washed with a sweet lemon scent and tied back in a long ponytail. I wore high-heeled boots, which didn't seem to fit well with the outfit, it was yellow. Which told me pretty much what I think I should know. Whoever changed me must have been a male, because no female could clash those two colors together. Like hello? Please have some fashion sense, like really. Which gave me another scary thought. What if he saw me naked? Wait, that did not just pop in my brain. 

          Before I could figure out my annoying internal conflicts, a teenager about my age walked in. He was about my height, and age too. He had short, messy hair that was dark brown, like mine. He wore black jeans, black shoes, a black long-sleeved shirt, black everything. A glance told me all that, just one. Surviving out in the wild taught some skills into me, actually. Just great, appearance of a mad ax-murderer. Could my day get any worse?

          "Hey", the lunatic said, so casually that he could pass for a nice, random person. Except for the fact that he's wearing all black and the fact that my suspicion is that he put me in those clothes. So of course, being the freaked-out Crystal Summers, I yelled. What was I thinking? But nothing could change the past. Oops? "WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING? KILLING ME? HAVING WHO KNOWS WHAT WITH ME? USING ME? YOU SON OF A BI-!" I got interrupted by the smart-ass. "Would you please be quiet for a minute? Do you ever just, you know...shut up?", he retorted. I guess I was super surprised because I tried to think for a genius remark but nothing came into mind. I guess he thought of me as a gurgling monster, which I probably was, minus the monster part. He just smirked at me when I came up with nothing, not even a word. What nerve of him? Annoying, piece of filth-he cut through my thoughts again. Great? Where is this idiot's limit? "I'm Cole." I waited for him to say his surname, but nothing is my question's answer. Really? I waited again but no answer. Am I imagining it or did I just witness his face lose a bit of it's smirk when silence was present? Must have been a trick of the light, a second later he got back to his usual smirk. "What?", I asked, surprised at his gaze. "What what?", he asked. "What is your last name?", I asked, wanting to make him leave the smirk again. He did, for like, a second. Wow, so much underneath all that bravery. "That's the problem. I don't know."


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