KeyStone Diaries

A normal girl enters a school full of strangers.When a popular girl with super high fashion sense walks in the room,everyone can hear twenty whispers fill the hall.When she walked up to me,I knew this was going to be a major fail between us.Will she make it through the year without being trampled alive?


8. The Report Card Issue

October 25,Friday

Ello'!I had a awesome day with Jake!(Please don't let me tell the story again).Well,I ended up as a smelly fur ball so i had to take an bath with my favorite shampoo,The Sweet Smelling Strawberry Candy.So today at school,I was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo nervous.Why?Cause' we had to wait and wait until the teachers pass out the report cards.Minus tests,the most thing I hate in the world was an bad report card.I'm pretty sure i'm going to get C's,D's,or F's.But if i'm lucky,ill probably get one or two B's.I know i'm gonna get a bad grade because I don't really pay attention in class,and if i do,I usually give up and draw in class.But this time,I made sure I sited up straight,eyes on my workbook or teacher,and answer answers calming.My fore-head prickled with cold sweat as the teachers put us in pairs to do an science textbook page review.I thought I was going to die and i wanted to kill the teacher for putting me with Jessica.I looked over at her,and she eyed me and gave me an unwelcome look.Jessica had straightened her hair and left her hair left alone.She had no earring on today,and she had an pink mini jacket on,a blue sparkly shirt,and a shiny Pink M/gold trims mini skirt.we stood there a long time,when the teacher said "MOVE IT",I sprang from my chair and runned over to Jessica and gave her a weak smile.she wrinkled her nose at me,and took out her mirror and looking over herself for five entire minutes.Hey...i'm the one here being nice girlfriend,so,show some respect,jeez!We worked together finally,but it was I who did all the work.So jessica was just sitting there,staring off into space.It ticked me so off,so I told her this..."Jessica!Get your butt over here!I'm the one who is doing all the work!We are supposed to work as a team,remember?"She looked at me with so coldness,my anger melted away,leaving one frosty core inside me."Oh.Really?i never ever knew that.Could you tell me whats going on?"I was livid."Sure!Okay.First,pay attention.Second,stop acting so snobby.And third,I need someone better than you."I thought I was really gonna own her when the teacher slammed a yellow sheet of paper on my desk and Jessica's.Quickly,I knew right away what it is:The Report Card.She picked hers up,then her face lit up like it was Christmas."OML!I got two A's,two B's,and one C!"I quickly tore my sheet open.To my increasing horror,I saw what it was.A in PE,one B in Reading,two D in science and social studies,and one F in Math.I watched my report card,horror-struck.I snapped out of my daze when jessica said,"Yo,Amilie.Watcha' got?Mhnm,lemme guess,all F?Or D?"I couldn't take it anymore.i am sooo not going to show that to my parents.I guess I will have to fake it.After school,I told my mom I had no report card.She said why,and I then said 98%in front of her face.She hugged me,and said good job.Then I walked over to my back-pack and unzipped it.Snuggled between my math-book and notebook,my report card lay there,dead-like.Then I had this sick feeling in my body,then I went to the nearest bathroom.


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