KeyStone Diaries

A normal girl enters a school full of strangers.When a popular girl with super high fashion sense walks in the room,everyone can hear twenty whispers fill the hall.When she walked up to me,I knew this was going to be a major fail between us.Will she make it through the year without being trampled alive?


10. Thankful Stuff for Thanksgiving

November 26, Thursday

Haii again.So yeah,get the point already.It's Thanksgiving. Yay.Who cares.That's one thing I hate about Thanksgiving.All the thankful stuff spreading from everyone's mouths.I know respect and kindness should be to everyone and everything,but the big prob is that I have to be thankful to everyone.Even Jessica.Bummer.So today we are free from work at school,and,we have to just be kind to everyone again.Suckers.But i'd tried to fit in.I greeted everyone with respect and kindness.Everyone except Jessica.I saw her walking around,only greeting her friends or people who support her.That is so not me,btw. And,of course,I saw the boys just slapping people on the back,which I think is how they greet.Pretty scary.Whenever I see a boy,I would smile and walk away super fast,in order not to get slapped.When it was P.E,we had to stay inside since it was rainy.Guess what we had to do?Yeah,watching a short video about kindness and respect to your people.After the video,Coach said all of us had to come up and say something about yourself and how you can help others to be kind.One by one,the girls went first.After a red/orange haired girl with freckles picked me,my throat was so dry I can hardly speak.I took a deep breath and went up."Hi.I'm Amelie Aldrete.It is so nice meeting all of yall.I am quiet,shy,scared easily,friendly"-Jessica did a loud cough and then she was quiet.I start off were I was-"scared easily,friendly,and super bubbly.""Very good,Amelie. Please pick Jessica.She hadn't gone all morning."I walked back and said to Jessica,"Your up-next."Jessica-dressed in a tank top,diamond belt,and a A-lined skirt matched with high sneaker tops.She went up,flipped her hair in the boy's direction,and I heard some boys yawn dreamily.What a show off,I thought.When Jessica was up,she smiled real big,swatted her hair to the other side,and begin to speak.Hey ya.My name is Jessica Summers.My personality is makeup,gossiping,laughing,teasing,becoming Queen Bee,and high money quality.So long,peeps!"Right when she walked over to the girl's section,she stopped and ran back."Oh yeah."She pulled out her shiny silver wallet and pulled out $250& 80 cents.Damn,she was rich!All the girls saw that she was rich in her wallet,so after P.E,every girl surrounded Jessica like she was the Queen Bee.(She is the Queen Bee)While I was watching them and thinking how I was treated if I was the Queen Bee of the school,I heard running behind me.I turned,and I saw 3 people running toward me with 3 huge smiles on their faces.I knew them quickly.One was Fiona(or Fi Fi),Clara(or Clare),and I almost melted my eyes at my feet because Jake was there-dressed in a romantic kind of T-shirt and deep jeans.They all ran forward,knocking me over with hugs,when they pulled me up,I was laughing.While we were talking,Jake kept looking at me like he wanted to tell me something,but I think he wanted to do it secretly or something like that.But I thought who cares!Well,I care!He will tell me someday-right?I kept thinking about it over and over and over.I guess I wasn't his type of style or prettyness.I guess he liked Jessica-she is the Queen Bee.

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