KeyStone Diaries

A normal girl enters a school full of strangers.When a popular girl with super high fashion sense walks in the room,everyone can hear twenty whispers fill the hall.When she walked up to me,I knew this was going to be a major fail between us.Will she make it through the year without being trampled alive?


4. News ship aboard and new crush

August 21,Wednesday

Hi again.Today was just magically...I dunno...GREAT.It all started when it was the crack of morning,when classes had not yet started.A-lot of students,when I say a-lot,I mean it,no jokes.All of the students were outside chatting and texting.Me,dressed in my cute uniform,was with my BFFS,Fiona and Clara.While we were chatting,in the corner of my eye,I saw this super-cute boy,brown eyes and hair,a  nice smile,and a necklace with school uniforms.I thought I was gonna go NUTZO with him.Just when I had the courage to go over there and talk to him,suddenly shouting and OMG's flew everywhere.When I turned my back to him,I could not belive my eyes.A tall,lean dude was flexing for a group of girls who sighed and giggled.Me,Clara,and Fiona all glanced at each other,raise one eyebrow,and kept looking with silence.That drama ended when the headmaster came out and said,"What's all this talking about"?When he saw the boy,his mouth curled into a smile.He rushed over,shaking the boy's hand up an' down."Welcome,Antonino Alm"!Then he turned to us."Also,students,after school,you can meet and chat with Antonino,but let me be clear,ONLY after school.If you don't do as I say,then,you will be a little chat to with your parents".He walked away,with Antonino following him.When I turned around just to see Jessica talking with my crush."Ono,Jake,would you please be my partner for LSA group chat to"?She smiled at Jake,then batted her eyelashes.So I said to my BFFS,"I'll be right back,kay"?'Sure".I squeezed close to them listening.Finally when Jessica left,I took a deep breath,then walked over to Jake."Hey...."He turned to face me."Oh.Hi.I'm sorry,but do I know you,anywhere"?He had a confused face,so I helped him out."Maybe not.I'm Amilie,Amilie Alderete".His confused face seemed to relax a bit then he said,"Oh,it's nice meeting you Amilie.I'm Jake Jackson."He smiled,and so I was struck wordless staring at him.Until that,I heard a louddd cough behind me that woke me up.I turned,facing Jessica.Her eyes were blazing,if almost I can feel the heat.She glared at me and said,"You know Aldrete,Jake won't hang round' with a dumb person like you".I was mad,so mad cause' she just called me by my last name.I hate when people call me by that.Its one of my PET PEEVES."Well,your stankin' big mouth needs to spit somewhere else,cause i ant' dealing with your nonsense".I turned and walked away,leaving Jessica pretty stunned.When I walked into science class,a huge crowd was round' Jessica,whispering and glaring at me.I stuck my eyes on them,turned away,and inored them.This is how it is suppose to be for me every day...


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