KeyStone Diaries

A normal girl enters a school full of strangers.When a popular girl with super high fashion sense walks in the room,everyone can hear twenty whispers fill the hall.When she walked up to me,I knew this was going to be a major fail between us.Will she make it through the year without being trampled alive?


6. Leaping Heart(Is there any sign this gonna end)

September 30,Sunday

Hi diary.Or,whatever you call it.My Sunday was noted,by me,called "Leaping Hearts."Before you judge me why in the world,of all the names,I put leaping hearts.I PUT that because,well,long story.BUT I'M GONNA SAY IT ANYWAY.So,as always,I woke up,put on my clothes,showered,and combed my hair.(AND BRUSHED MY TEETH).I walked downstairs,completely in a super-happy mood.While I was humming songs,(FAV),my bratty,or u can call her whatever you want to call her that is mean.Amanda ran right past me,zoomed so fast downstairs that completely ruined my mood.(I'm easy mooded).I walked my two last steps down,then rushed over to the breakfast table.My mom was turning over an spam,which she stepped back as an spark flew out.Set before me was an glass cup full of milk,two eggs,and one spam.I rounded my eye to Amanda,which she was happy munching the spam.Her cheeks had spam crumbles all over.I really need to tell you that my sister is totally slob?!Which I already did.I helped myself to the sizzling spam,took a big bite.Warm.Crunchy,and a little salty.Then I gobbled down my breakfast as fast as I can,which only lead to me sitting there,choking."Amilie,please mind your manners,and,breakfast is no big rush".I completely ignored her,ran to the living room and jumped on.After five minutes,my mom yelled,"AMILIE!Come now!You know better to clean the dishes then to just leave them there for me to clean!Start using your own senses"!I cursed quietly,then yelled back,"OK"!I got up and slouched over to the kitchen.I got the sponge,and took each plate and scrubbed them till' they had no dirty,googey stuff on it.Then I threw my sponge into the sink,then I put the water on med,and washed till' they shined.I plucked one plate at an time,and putting them into the counter."Amanda and Amilie,stay home and don't open the door to anyone but to friends or families.Do you understand?!Also,Amilie,watch over Amanda.Your birthday's coming up,don't wanna miss it."She winked at me before walking over to the door and slamming it shut.I sighed to myself,cause' even though I'm fourteen,my mum still won't trust me."Amilie!AMILIE!Please play with me!"I groaned and said,"Fine,also,if my friends come,don't even ask to play!"We played My Little Pony,I was holding Rainbow Dash.Don't judge me.Amanda made me.Hours ticked by.Then finally,I heard an doorbell rang.I rushed over and peeked through the peek hole. OMG!My BFFS,Clara and Fiona,and one more person,I can't tell.I opened the door.To my shock,Jack was there with them.He was wearing a chain lock,black jacket,black with white T-shirt,and faded blue jeans.My BFFs were wearing normal clothes.To me,I thought Jack looked super-cute and punkish."Hey guys".They smiled and said,"Hey girl.Wacha' doing?"I turned a faded pink,they said,"playing with my sister".Jack looked at me and said,"You have a sister?Never knew".Inside of me,I was feeling pretty awsome. Things were going to be just fine.I headed over to make them some little cupcakes.Clara and Fiona stayed behind,gushing over My Little Pony.Just then I realized that Jack was not there.I turned,to my surprise,Jack was looking at the marble floor.I said nothing,and got started making them.Half of my heart thumping,Jack asked,"so,do you play any sports"?I smiled inside and said,"Yeah.some.Basketball and swimming".He looked at me,then said,"Cool.I play soccer and football".Then we said nothing while I made the cupcakes."Finally",said Fiona when I brought the cupcakes there.While we were munching,Clara checked the time."Yikes,sorry Amilie.Its five."I nodded,and they hugged me and ran out.Jake was last,he looked at me and smiled.I understand he doesn't want to say bye.So I smiled at him and he walked out the door.It sure had been an LEAPING HEARTS day.>>>><<<<

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