KeyStone Diaries

A normal girl enters a school full of strangers.When a popular girl with super high fashion sense walks in the room,everyone can hear twenty whispers fill the hall.When she walked up to me,I knew this was going to be a major fail between us.Will she make it through the year without being trampled alive?


7. Fluffballs or Furballs?

October 20,Monday

Hello keystone diary.Totally pleasure to have you read my diary without My permission.(That means to you,Jieni.)Ok,so,we left off where my crush and my BFFS totally trashed my house.(or you want housez?)So today at school,I was so eager for recess to start.While we were filling out math problems in our workbook,I eyed Jessica.She had her hair today in a ponytail tied back in a shimmery pink band.She was wearing hoop earrings,and I thought she looked super-cute with her T-shirt with bangles and fainted blue jeans.Compared to her,I thought I looked like an fur ball while Jessica looked like an fluff ball with hoop earrings and lipstick on.In fact, thats what our entry is,Fluff balls(like Jessica.)and Fur balls.(like me.)Ok.Fashion tip number one:In all the world around me,which name would i choose.Of course I marked inside my head my own name,which means i'm still an ugly,old,stinkin' fur ball.I felt hurt to my core.I was still in daydreams when I heard the teacher said,"Lunch."I woke up so fast from my daydream that I didn't know what I was thinking,until,that is,the ground.THUNK!I landed on my butt,as pain rose.I stood up,my face burning.I walked out of class to the cafeteria while I heard Jessica's laughter behind.I didn't went to far when my BFFS caught up."Oh.Hey".They smiled at me and said,"You know I never ever laughed.So did Fiona"."True,that.But I could have said it myself."It was not the right time to crack up jokes.I rushed down the hall,ignoring them.I slammed my lunch card on the counter,and tried to wait.Right after she credited it,I ran right outside under my favorite willow tree,and ate.BTW,my lunch today was an orange,milk,and rice with beans.My today turned into fur balls.When I ran down the hall,i didn't really see what is in front of me,so I bumped into Jake.Blushing hard,I looked up.Dressing in all black,(maybe fav color for him) I said,"sorry,didn't really see what is in-front of me".He smiled at me,my heart prickled."No,it's really ok.BTW,I was ready to see you".Now I was blushing super-hard."F For what"?"Oh,I was wondering if you want to stay after-school and take care of my dog,Spot".My head was in the clouds."Sure.I love to!"Ok,it's settled then".He gave me another smile,then walked away.After two hours,school was over.I asked my mom if she bring me to an friend's house.She looked at me,as if she thought I was going out with someone.Finally she said,"Uh,sure.Please,show manners,and,also,be kind"."'O' course!"I ran upstairs,took an shower,and changed into something casual.When I got there,I saw his house.White.Cute enough.I hugged my mom and said my farewell.Then I took a deep breath,and rang the doorbell.Jake went to get it.Right when he smiled and said hello,a light brown fur ball streak right on me,and barking.Jake laughed and picked up which I guessed was Spots.I laughed a while,then Jake led me inside.He showed me to his mother,A woman with eye makeup,and strong eyebrows.She smiled when she saw me.I got an feeling that she loves me.(Maybe 100%)After we chatted,Jake led me outside with Spots.I guessed all of us are fur balls.(So yeah,Jessica,act all you like,Snobby Fluff ball.)When it was time to leave,Jake said goodbye and hugged me tight.I blushed,then petted Spots.I guessed my day wasn't so bad.Fluff balls=Losers.Fur balls=AWSOME DUDES.


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