KeyStone Diaries

A normal girl enters a school full of strangers.When a popular girl with super high fashion sense walks in the room,everyone can hear twenty whispers fill the hall.When she walked up to me,I knew this was going to be a major fail between us.Will she make it through the year without being trampled alive?


9. Close to death

November 12, Friday

Hello my future shining stars!Today,I just wanted to make sure that all people who want to write their own fab diaries-keep on shining! Ok,back on topic.So,I had a fab day,or not really,well,close to.So,my mom busted me for my lack in class for not listening and writing down what i'm supposed to.Suckers right?Cause I don't give a *hit of listening and writing down whatever i'm supposed to.(Which I sometimes do in REAL LIFE)Ok,today,we had a essay to write on for an reading/spelling/language thing.BTW,it's a test grade.My handwriting is pretty neat,but i'm ok,(not perfect)at spelling,just so you know about me.We had partners for brainstorming each other's ideas.Pretty neat stuff.We had to write an essay about the different kinds of food we eat and how dangerous the food we eat are dangerous to your health.I crossed my fingers as my teacher sorted us out in pairs.I was so happy I had my BFFS,Fiona and Clara.Now we each go by nicknames,me,Amy,Fiona,Fi Fi,and Clara,Clare.While we were chatting and giggling,(in class)I heard a scream I knew perfectly well.I turn around,just as I thought,JESSICA.She was dressed in a relaxed pair of short pants,and a T-shirt that was swaying side to side.Even her hair seem relaxed,curling at the bottom toward her body.She was hugging her BFF,screaming with delight.I thought she was complete nut-so,squealing if she had zits on her head.Our teacher told us to quiet down,and hurry up and work on our brainstorming."Hurry up,because you only have 20 minutes!"I was like watev,and then got in my seat and started brainstorming.Somehow,I had a creepy feeling someone was toying behind me.I sneaked a peek,and I saw Jessica waving her hand in the air like crazy.When the teacher said "what Jessica?"Jessica launched in the air and yelled,"I swear,I saw,Amilie passing notes to her so-called friends!Or you perfer an so-called ichindgiL?"The teacher gave me a stern look,and she said,"Miss Amelie. Please come with me in the hallway."I suddenly had this tight lump in my throat.So I said in a wobbly voice,"yes ma'm."Right when I was about to walk out the door,my two BFFS stood up and said,"We saw the whole thing!We swear!"They shot Jessica an dirty look,and Jessica batted her lashes and said in a sweet voice,"Yes?Oh,dear.Did I do something so wrong to your poor dear,friend?"Fiona said to Jessica,"Well,trying to get our BFF off your sight?Not a chance!We saw the WHOLEEEEEEEEEEE thing!Don't lie Jessica.Its over."Clara nodded and folded her arms and crooked her back a-little to Fiona.I thought Clara did that just to protect me or trying to cool Jessica off.Jessica wasn't that easy."well,hmnnmm...right!You little smugs ALWAYS try to tattle on me when I was talking about...some people.Anyway,I suggest that take your seat,cry on the table,and leave Amelie to deal with the teacher."But Fiona and Clara was ready.Clara took a step forward to Jessica and said,"Wow.You think your this smart.Oh yeah?Think about what you just said.Well,me and Fiona are going to PROVE that Amelie did never ever send us a note!First,we were talking about brainstorming.I bet the teacher even heard us.So yeah.Second,we are BEST FRIENDS.We would never ever get one of us in trouble.And third,you don't have any proof!"By the look on Jessica's face telled she gone WAY(when I say way,I mean WAY)to far.So thats how I got saved.Nearly my death shot.This close from being spitted all over.This close.So great for having my BFFS there to save me from every tacky thing I can't handle myself.I guess I was just sooo messed up.So yeah,that was my close death shot.If you ever have a teacher like that,please,beware,have at least two BFFS to support you.Thanks for reading.Right now I have death shot cooties.Don't get them.    -Amelie Aldrete.P.S.Be aware of death shot cooties.See ya guys laters!DSC   

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