KeyStone Diaries

A normal girl enters a school full of strangers.When a popular girl with super high fashion sense walks in the room,everyone can hear twenty whispers fill the hall.When she walked up to me,I knew this was going to be a major fail between us.Will she make it through the year without being trampled alive?


1. Top Secret fashion sense

August 8,Saturday

Hi,I'm Amilie,Amilie Aldrete.You see,in two more days i'm going to a fancy prep school,which I am so not familuar with.Right now I am at my boring house,watching the time drift slowly away.Right when I was about to call up my BFFS,Fiona Lious and Clara Winston,my bratty sister,Amanda,slam the door open and almost scared my eyeballs out."Amanda,how many times have I told you not to go in my bedroom without MY permmision?!"She looked at me with offended eyes.After a short while,Amanda said,"I was just here to wake you up,jeez!"As soon as she walked out of the door,she shouted,"Also mom told me to hurry your slimeball downstairs and get ready to shop!"I groaned as soon as she walked away.I got dressed,brush my teeth,and hurried downstairs.Amanda was just sitting on the table,eating bacon and eggs.I got up,gobbled down my breakfast,and rushed to mom."Mom!Where are we going?""To buy your school stuff,dear.""Ok."When we got there,I thought my head was going to explode with Amanda in the backseat,singing stupid ''My Little Pony songs.''I got off and rushed inside.Inside was sparkly,and way to crowded.I took Amanda's hand and rushed off where mom was going."Amilie,go shop with Amanda and be quick.I don't have much time."She took out her wallet and gave me three hundred dollars.I rushed off,yelling"Thanks mum!"After thirty minutes,I gave the clerk my money and rushed out of the mall,where mum was staying.We drove home and I rushed again upstairs in the bed.


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