We Are All Mad

Dreams and reality can't become one, unless you somehow could control when you fall asleep and wake up. But can you tell the difference between what is real and what is all in your head? Could there be somewhere so dark, so twisted, yet so real that it can make you think it's actually happening?

For this story I believe I'm going to enter it into the fan fiction competition if I finish in time...probably won't but I'm gonna try my best to update and make chapters long. This is a Wonderland spin off and I hope you enjoy it. It would be awesome if you 1could leave a like and/or a favorite! Thanks for reading!


8. Reality Check

As the needle was pressed against her neck she fell to the ground with a thud. A little bit of blood trickled down her neck as the man  Harold, groaned, rubbing his face before grabbing her arms and pulling her body back to her cell. "We couldn't have just done it the easy way... Huh, Jennifer?" He pulled her small limp body back onto the bed and sighed. Her short red hair was getting more dull as the days passed.

"Alice... Alice... I n-n-need to tell her tha..." Her voice trailed off as she lay there, her eyes beginning to close. Harold watched her then situated her on her mattress then tied her hands down.

"You know you can't do that Jennifer." He told her then sat there and cleaned up the blood from her neck. "You need to snap back to reality, I know what happened really messed things up but you need to forget it. Stop thinking about it, just put her to rest." He began to stroke her hair to soothe her as she tried to fight back almost exhaustedly.

"Alice!" She screamed and he covered her mouth quickly and set a finger to his lips.

"Sh... You know what will happen if they hear you scream. They'll put you in the D cell. You don't wanna be in there again, do you?" She tiredly shook her head but continued to squirm until she was close to passing out. Then a shadow stretched across the grey concrete floor and onto Jennifer's face. Harold turned to see a large, tall woman with short blonde hair, tucked under her black hat, standing in the doorway.

Harold stood and walked over to meet her and she nodded at him. "Is she good?" She questioned after taking a glance toward her direction. He looked to Jennifer, "she's fine. Just a little bad dream." He shrugged then walked out of the room and out of the woman's sight.

She watched him leave then looked to the girl and watched her for a couple of moments till she could hear her steady breathing. Then she backed out of the room and shut the large metal door, locking it.

She turned and walked the opposite direction from where the man walked. As she stalked down the empty all white hall and finally came to a cell at the end. It was locked with a large lock and the door was all bars. She peered in at the figure crouched in the corner. Her long hair falling down to the floor and her body rocking back and forth. The wall was covered in markings, drawings, and other things no one could make out. It was dark besides for the lamp hanging in the middle of the hall, a dim light.

The woman knocked on the bar door and the figure turned to her, her eyes calm but angry. She stared at the woman and smirked. "Veronica... what can I do you for?" Veronica smiled back and watched the woman as she turned around and sat criss cross on the floor staring at the large woman.

"I see you've been telling Jennifer your little stories..." She crossed her arms and leaned on the door as she watched the woman on the floor.

The woman on the floor shrugged, "possibly..." Veronica sighed softly and shook her head a little.

"You know how seriously she takes those stories, Alice." Alice smiled and stood up, walking over to the other wall and began to count.

"She should. It's not just stories, it's the truth." Veronica watched Alice closely.

"This is why you are in here Alice. This is why you are crazy Alice. You made yourself this way, and you are making it harder for Jennifer to be sane." Alice laughed softly and began to sketch into the wall with a small pebble. "You need to give up your little dream and move on."

"I have nothing to do with being in here, this is all your fault. You people put me in here and convinced everyone I was crazy. You listened to that stupid man who took me from my home and"

"You're lying!" Veronica snapped at Alice. "This is for your own good Alice! You are insane and you need help!" She slammed her hand against the bar door in frustration.

Alice smiled and laughed softly then turned to look at Veronica, "one day I'm going to get out of her... and you're gonna be the first one to die. Just like I did. I'm gonna make you pay."

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