We Are All Mad

Dreams and reality can't become one, unless you somehow could control when you fall asleep and wake up. But can you tell the difference between what is real and what is all in your head? Could there be somewhere so dark, so twisted, yet so real that it can make you think it's actually happening?

For this story I believe I'm going to enter it into the fan fiction competition if I finish in time...probably won't but I'm gonna try my best to update and make chapters long. This is a Wonderland spin off and I hope you enjoy it. It would be awesome if you 1could leave a like and/or a favorite! Thanks for reading!


2. Reality at its Worst

Oliver was sat in the uncomfortable maroon leather chair, looking around the room slowly. The walls were a mahogany color wood, well, the walls that weren't hidden behind the shelves of books. He rubbed his eyes a little and sighed as the man searched through his brief case at the desk.

He turned to look at his new therapist, his name was Dr. Lamburg. He was a very scrawny man, probably in his late 40's. Stubble poked out around his jaw and over his upper lip, his hair was greased back sloppily. Oliver pulled his attention away from the therapist, knowing all of this wasn't gonna help with anything he sighed and closed his eyes. 

"Okay Mr... Winston! Uhhh... I've heard you've been having some difficulties with sleeping for a couple of years now?" It comes out in more of a question, Oliver nods as he replies.


There is silence for a moment and then the sound of small wheels on a wood floor breaks the silence, followed by a click of a pen and a swooshing of a paper. "Okay Winston...can I call you Oliver?" Oliver just shrugged for a sign that he didn't care. "Well, tell me about what it is that's keeping you from sleeping." There is more silence as Oliver thinks about it. Then he sits up and looks straight at Dr. Lamburg.

"I'm keeping myself awake, nothing else. I don't want to fall asleep or else..." Oliver stops as his eyes slip away from Lamburg.

"Or else? What? You can tell me anything Oliver. Everything is only between us, no one else has to know... Why do you keep yourself from sleeping?" He questions as he intently stares at Oliver with his beady eyes, impatiently bouncing his leg. Oliver sat there in deep thought. What is it that keeps me from sleeping? What is it that keeps anyone from sleeping? Monsters under the bed? Sounds of floor boards creaking out in the hall? Parents screaming at each other downstairs? Nightmares.

Oliver knows he can't tell the truth, he could be locked up in an asylum if he spoke of anything that goes on in his mind. What could he say? Well, what he has always said, ever since his grandma told him he couldn't say those kinds of things to just anyone. No one can be trusted...

He began to drift off, his mind swirling for an answer, then stopping when his grandma came into his mind. The words she spoke so long ago, still replaying in his mind; like a song on a record player when it gets stuck. No one can be trusted, Oliver. There are cruel people in this world that we think we can trust. A man with flowers behind his back for a pretty girl may be a killer, a girl with the most colorful outfit may be holding a dog by its' neck at home. People are not what you expect at most times.

"Oliver?" Lamburg snaps his fingers for his attention. Oliver snaps out of it and rubs his eyes then looks at Lamburg.

"Sorry...what?" Lamburg sighs and bounces his leg even more impatiently as he looks at Oliver.

"What is it that keeps you awake, Oliver?" He questions again. Oliver stares blankly at him for only a moment before answering.

"I'm just stressed." He then interlocks his fingers and props his elbows up on his knees, resting his head on his hands. Lamburg sighs once again.

"What is it that stresses you?" He questions, Oliver rolls his eyes then sits up and looks at Lamburg straight in the eyes. Everything was piling on slowly and his head began to hurt, he glanced at the clock on the wall to see his session was over in 3 minutes, then it was off to school.

He looked back over at Lamburg, his questions already getting on his nerves. "You know what...I'm not answering that." Lamburg raises an eyebrow as Oliver stands up. "I'm so done with this! You people don't even help me! There's no point in talking to you, I'm just gonna be moving out of my parents place in about two months then I'm getting out of here! Counseling is just a way of getting me out of the house for a while so my parents can talk crap about me behind my back!"

Lamburg stands up and sets his stuff down on the chair, I grab my jacket. "Now, calm down. Let's talk about this..."

"Let's not." He says as he heads to the door, opening it then storming out of the room. The lady at the front desk jumped as she saw him, she took in a deep breath then leaned over the desk to look over at Dr. Lamburg who shook his head and rubbed his eyes.

Oliver hurried out of the building and out into the chilly winter air. A light breeze blew at him as he slipped into his jacket then pulled his hoodie over his head, then began his walk to school. The sun was barely coming out, the streets were practically empty besides for the cars that drove by every few minutes. He stared down at the sidewalk, thinking about his dreams and everything he had seen before. But the girl. The girl was new and she didn't look like anyone he knew.

He turns a corner to see the school was not too far away and some cars were already there. Must be close to 7:30. He stuffs his hands into his pockets as he passes the buildings that line the streets. He watched his breath come out in small clouds as he neared his school, crossing the street quickly so cars can pass.

Who was that girl? He replays her face in his mind then pauses on it, he thinks as hard as he could but couldn't pin point it. He looks up to see people hanging out in the front of the school, he looks back down to avoid looking at people. Quickly making his way to the front and opening the doors. He could hear people whispering about him, but he tried to ignore it as he walked through the halls to his locker. It was probably the easiest locker to pin point from all the writing on the front of it.

He couldn't read most of the words because they were scribbled messily on it, but he knew they weren't nice. He opens his locker, then it is suddenly slammed shut, fortunately getting his bag out before his hands were squished. "What are you doing, toothpick?" Oliver rolls his eyes and looks over to see Steve, who Oliver calls Bluto because he almost looks like Bluto from Popeye. He was a ,tall, brute that always felt the need to beat him up.

"Getting my stuff for class." Oliver mumbles then walks around 'Bluto'. He is pulled back then shoved into the locker hard, Oliver winces from the lock which is pushed against his back then glares at Bluto.

"I think you're forgetting something..." He smirks, gripping Oliver's shoulder and holding him to the locker. It takes a moment for him to remember how he was supposed to do Bluto's homework in science.

"No I'm not, I didn't do it." Oliver shrugs as he stare's Bluto in the eye; something nobody does. Not even his best 'friends'. People were starting to stare at us, also something nobody does when Bluto is picking on someone.The bully glares at Oliver, then smirks devilishly.

"Looks like I'll have to take yours then." He goes to take his stuff from him but Oliver, not thinking straight, brought his knee to Bluto's crotch. People gasp as Bluto groans and drops to his knees in pain, suddenly there is a loud whistle from the end of the hall. Oliver looks over to see Mrs. Shane rushing down the hall towards him. People were whispering and giggling as she rushed over, Oliver's chest was heaving for some reason and his heart felt like it would pop out of his chest.

Bluto was still on the ground, holding his crotch as Mrs. Shane neared us and leaned over to check on Bluto. "Mrs. Shane, I-"

"This is unacceptable!" She shouted as she helped Bluto up who was whimpering in pain. "What could've caused you to be so immature?!" She scolded, Oliver just stared at her in disbelief.

"He was threatening me! Did you not see what he was-"

"There is no excuses for this Mr. Winston! You should be ashamed! Detention for 2 weeks in my classroom everyday at 3:40. Everyone get to class!" Her high squeaky voice echoed through the halls.


"3 weeks!" She shouted then supported Bluto to the nurse's office. Oliver watched her walk away in disbelief, people were still staring, then walked away whispering and giggling.

Oliver was radiating with anger as he picked up his bag and walked quickly to his first period class. The door was open and people were inside, the bell immediately rung as he entered the class. Mr. Cult looked up as he entered then looked back at his computer screen. "You're late Mr. Winston."

Oliver plopped in his seat after dropping his bag onto the table in front of him. "What? The bell seriously just rang...you're not even teaching anything." Oliver dropped his head onto his bag.

"Excuse me?" Mr. Cult looked over at Oliver in shock. Oliver rose his head to look at his teacher, his head felt like it could explode at any moment.

"I said, that is the most stupid thing I've ever heard! The bell just rang and all you do is sit in front of the classroom and lecture for a whole hour about how we don't do anything right. I don't care if I'm 5 minutes late for your useless class!" Mr. Cult's mouth hung open as he looked at me and the class was silent in shock.

"Detention for 2 weeks!" He shouted.

"Already have detention." The teacher shot up and pointed to the door.

"Office now!" 

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