We Are All Mad

Dreams and reality can't become one, unless you somehow could control when you fall asleep and wake up. But can you tell the difference between what is real and what is all in your head? Could there be somewhere so dark, so twisted, yet so real that it can make you think it's actually happening?

For this story I believe I'm going to enter it into the fan fiction competition if I finish in time...probably won't but I'm gonna try my best to update and make chapters long. This is a Wonderland spin off and I hope you enjoy it. It would be awesome if you 1could leave a like and/or a favorite! Thanks for reading!


7. Finally

Alice felt her throat being squeezed by the beast that stood abover her. His paw at her neck and his claws dug into the soft soil under her. Oliver's vision was blurry, there was a ringing in his ears and blood on his head. "Alice?" He called out for her but he could barely hear himself talking. He regained himself slowly to see a huge furry animal hunched over Alice, she looked limp. 

He looked around for anything he could use as a weapon, he grabbed a rock the size of his palm and stood, aiming at the beast. Alice on the other hand was beginning to lose her sight trying to gasp for air. Her feet began to lock at its stomach, but it only made her throat tighter. Oliver chucked the rock at the beasts head, it hit it with a hard thud "Hey! You! Yeah! Come and get me!" Oliver tested him. The pressure was gone from Alice's throat, she gasped for air and coughed.

The large animal stalked over on its four paws a few steps then disappeared. Oliver gulped and backed up against the tree. Alice began to sit up, her heart pounding in her chest as she looked around the small clearing to find her brother. "Oliver! It's the Cheshire Cat! Run before he gets you!" She demanded and tries to stand up, heshirt covered in blood. 

Oliver's eyes flicker everywhere around him then looks to Alice, her face horrified as she stares at him. He holds back from looking then quickly takes off, jumping and rolling as far as he could. He heard a crash behind him and looked to see the cat on the ground, on its paws. "Oh, sh-" the cat goes to swipe at him like Oliver was a toy, he rolls away and towards Alice, grabbing her hand and pulling her up. "C'mon! We have to go!" 

She stands up, painfully and slow as her whole torso burns and heaves. They begin to run, leaving most of their stuff behind. Alice glances behind her to see if he's coming then quickly pulls Oliver behind a tree and pulls out a little vial. What are you doing? We have to go!" He tries to pull her and she winces then opens the vial and pushes the opening to his lips so a cold liquids drips down his throat.

He quickly slaps it out of her hand and his stomach growls. She looks deeply into his eyes as hers tear up. "I need you to find the mouse that lives in a valley full of mushrooms, okay? Go East..." A jolt of pain goes through her 

"Alice, no! Come with me! You can't go?" 

Oliver watches as his surroundings grew taller, him turning into something as small as a dandelion. His heart beat rapidly in his chest and he spun around, looking about him, his clothes falling off as he shrunk. He stumbled out of his clothes, falling to the cold dirt ground and looking around for Alice. He couldn’t see past the large blades of grass about him. Then the earth trembles under him and he bounces a little from the force of whatever hit the ground. “Alice? Alice? Where are you?” He cries out to her, but there’s no reply.

Alice awoke with a scream, then more screams after that. As screams escaped her throat a door burst open behind her and a man ran in, dressed in all white. Alice lay unmoving on her bed as the man walked over with a needle in hand. “Oliver! Oliver! The Cat! No! Send me back! Take me back!”

“Jennifer? Calm down! Sit still and stop squirming!” The man’s voice was deep and almost mean sounding. Alice shot up, looking at the open door and shoved the man away, running for the door and out into the hallway. Her feet were cold against the concrete floor, the man got up and came out after her, grabbing her arm. “Don’t even think about it!” 

"Oliver!" She screams again before a needle is pressed into her skin.

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