We Are All Mad

Dreams and reality can't become one, unless you somehow could control when you fall asleep and wake up. But can you tell the difference between what is real and what is all in your head? Could there be somewhere so dark, so twisted, yet so real that it can make you think it's actually happening?

For this story I believe I'm going to enter it into the fan fiction competition if I finish in time...probably won't but I'm gonna try my best to update and make chapters long. This is a Wonderland spin off and I hope you enjoy it. It would be awesome if you 1could leave a like and/or a favorite! Thanks for reading!


4. Cold Truth Part Two

Oliver lie on the couch fast asleep, his legs hung off the arms of the couch and his body barely fit on the cushions. His snores were quiet and his eye lids would twitch every once in a while. Alice sat next to him, looking down at him and then once in a while, checking his temperature. He wasn't as cold as he was when they first brought him here, now it was an almost usual temperature.

She stood up and walked over to the table and sat down on the chair that came up to her knees. The small cottage was warm and cozy, it's walls were of rocks and it was surrounded by trees and plants. She grew up here with Jack, who took her in after everything that had happened, this was her home.

Jack was like her mentor and her father, he taught her everything she should know and everything she wanted to know; besides for what she knew about her passed. She was not going to tell Oliver about anything from her past and she was gonna keep it this way until, hopefully, she got him home safely.

"In deep thought I see..." Alice jumped from Jack's voice from next to her. She turned to him with a little smile. 

"You scared me Jack," his black eyes stared back at her, his nose twitched and his face showed almost a smile; "don't do that. Ever."

He let out a small chuckle, "and never make you jump like that? Never." He hopped over to the kitchen and looked into the cupboard. "Would you like some tea?" He questioned as he pulled out three tea cups and set them on the counter with his white fluffy paws.

"That would be nice." Alice accepted his offer and looked out the window in front of her. She watched the small particles in the air move around in the light breeze and sighed softly. Her gaze drifted off into the woods and stared at the thick dark green trees. How did he get here? He couldn't have possibly drifted into this world by just sleeping...could he? It's not possible.

As Alice sat in deep thought, Jack finished making the tea for everyone and hopped over, sitting the cup on the table next to Oliver. As the cup was sat down it made a clink sound against the table. Oliver sat up quickly, his head jerking from side to side as he looked at his surroundings. His eyes stopped on the rabbit and he backed up quickly, falling off the couch and jumping up to make sure Jack wasn't anywhere near him. "Where am I? Who are you? I'm dreaming! Wake up! Wake up!" He shouted as he hit his head on his palm a few times.

Jack took a hop back and held his hands out in defense if Oliver decided to attack. Alice jumped up and hurried over between them and tried to grab Oliver's hand so he didn't hit himself, "Oliver! Stop! You'll hurt yourself!" He pulled away from her and backed against the wall. 

"Who are you? What am I doing here?" He shouted his questions as his chest heaved and sweat dripped from his forehead. Alice tried to calm him down, "You're safe, don't worry you're safe. I just need you to calm down, I found you out in the woods and I brought you here. Jack let you stay so if I were you I'd be more grateful."

He relaxed a little and looked at the floor, "sorry" he mumbled his apology to Jack. His nose twitched and he smiled a little. "Don't worry about it." He replied and hopped back to the kitchen, "I bet you're hungry." Alice sighed softly as it became quiet and then she sat on the couch and patted the seat next to her.

"Let me explain as much as I can understand. You're in a sorta different...hmmm...dimension so to say. I'm guessing you had something dramatic happen and so you panicked and blacked out, possibly hit your head and that's why you aren't waking up." He was sitting next to her now and staring at the fire.

"So this is just a dream..." He mumbled and rubbed his face. "Of course it is."

"No, it's definitely real, it's just somewhere that no one else can get to." Alice shrugged like it was nothing. Oliver looked at her and then burst out laughing and stood up.

"Okay I see what's happening, this is all just some stupid prank you all are doing on me. I knew this was when I first opened my eyes. Okay guys! Very funny! You can stop now!" He shouted then walked over and knocked on the wall then looked out the nearest window. "How did we get to the forest that fast? Haha it must be a green screen." Alice watched him, completely confused.

"What's a green screen?" She questioned as he turned around, he laughed and walked over to the door.

"Don't play dumb with me girly, I know what this is...Brittany, isn't it?" He asked. "I heard you were really good at acting... who's the rabbit though?" Jack turned to look at him and wiggled his nose.

"I do have a name you know." He hopped back over with some small cakes and set them on the table. "Eat as many as you want, there are more." He hopped to the couch and sat down with his tea. Oliver watched in amazement as the tea didn't go over the sides as he hopped, not even a little bit. He quickly hurried to the door and threw it open, he ran outside and into the sun; looking around him.

They were surrounded by trees, mushrooms that went up to his waist, and the sky was the brightest blue he'd ever seen. Nothing was covered with snow, although he remembered everything being white and cold. He didn't remember being rescued though and that's what through him off. The forest was silent and he stared into the dark of the forest, light creeping in through the parted branches.

Alice ran out after him and watched him as he looked around, "it's all real." Oliver turned to her and stared for a moment as he tried to get his head around every thing he was told.

"Then who are you?" He questioned as he examined her, "I've seen you before somewhere..." She blushed a little and nodded.

"The other night?" She asked, already knowing the answer.

"Yes! How are you here?" He stood there for a moment then clenched his fists and charged towards her, grabbing her by her neck. "Don't lie to me! Who are you?" He demanded as he held her by her throat. Alice tried to breathe but he squeezed her wind pipe. She struggled to get out of his grip and kneed him in the crotch, making him topple onto the ground in pain. She held her throat as she began to breathe again and coughed.

Jack hopped out quickly and looked at them anxiously, Alice looked at him for an instant and nodded; she turned back to him and kicked him in the stomach. "If you ever do that again I'll hit your head so hard you'll never leave! You got that?" She demanded. Oliver nodded and groaned. She let out a deep breath, "I was gonna answer before you very rudely interrupted. But I'm Alice..."

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