We Are All Mad

Dreams and reality can't become one, unless you somehow could control when you fall asleep and wake up. But can you tell the difference between what is real and what is all in your head? Could there be somewhere so dark, so twisted, yet so real that it can make you think it's actually happening?

For this story I believe I'm going to enter it into the fan fiction competition if I finish in time...probably won't but I'm gonna try my best to update and make chapters long. This is a Wonderland spin off and I hope you enjoy it. It would be awesome if you 1could leave a like and/or a favorite! Thanks for reading!


1. Nightmares To Remember

The window on the other wall was cracked open, letting in a light breeze; yet cold sweat dripped from Oliver's forehead, his chest heaving. His heart was pounding as he tossed and turned in his queen sized bed. He let out a small groan as he turned onto his left side, facing the window. The curtains lightly waved and the moons shone in, suddenly his eyes shot open and he sat up quickly. He looked around, as if making sure of where he was as he felt around his chest and stomach, then around the bed.

He got up quickly, stumbling at first, then hurried to his bathroom and switched on the light and the sink water. Instantly shoving his hands in the water and leaning over to splash water in his face. After a few times he turned off the water and stared blankly at the counter. Small water droplets ran down his chin and nose slowly, dropping into the sink. He was engrossed in the sound of the water hitting the cold cast-iron. His heart rate seemed to calm a little as he lifted his head to look into the dirty mirror.

His face was a pale color and matched his pale and slender figure, dark rings rested under his eyes from sleepless nights. His lips were chapped slightly and were parted slightly from his lip ring. His chin and nose were sculpted quite pleasantly and made his jaw line almost sharp. His head was full of dark, dark brown curly hair, almost pitch black, they went well with his light blue eyes; which he gets from his mother.

He sighs and rubs his face as he stands up and stretches then walks back to his bed slowly. He looks around at his oil room, noticing he hasn't decorated his room at all since they moved here from New York. He sat on the edge of his bed in thought for a moment, we've been in Main for a couple of months now, can't say it's been better or worse. But it's bringing our family closer, I think... He lay down and stare up at the ceiling. 

It's been almost 12 years since my sister was taken, and I still remember every small detail down to the spec of dirt on her tiny black closed toe shoes. Ever since then, no one has been the same around here. My mom had been taken to a hospital for 2 years because she had depression and my dad began doing drugs and I was taken away at the age of 8 to go live with my grandma. I loved her so much and my life seemed so perfect up until she passed. I was then sent back with my parents when I was 13, they'd cleaned up. But they weren't perfect.

Everyone still blames me for what happened to her, I do too. Every time I come in to a room with my family they insult me and/or ignore me. My mom doesn't even care about what I do, how sick, or how bad my grades are. My dad has actually punched me before because I didn't wash off my plate after dinner. They've stopped caring about me.

Oliver pulls the blankets up and stares absently at the wall. His brain buzzing from thought, causing his head to hurt which happened a lot. He closed his eyes trying to picture his own perfect life somewhere far from here. But nothing happy ever came from his thoughts...


Oliver's dream

I lay there with my eyes closed, I could feel the wind still lightly billowing through the opened window. But the temperature began to drop as I thought deeper and deeper, the sound of the wind and the tree's leaves rustling outside my window; slowly began to fade. Then I jerked and my eyes opened, my heart rate jumped slightly and I turned onto my side and huffed. "I'm not going to sleep." I muttered to myself as I rested my eyes.

Suddenly a strange smell hit me, it was like a metallic smell, the air seemed heavier and the taste of metal filled my mouth. I opened my lips to breath then instantly closed them again when the taste got worse. Then everything shifted and the smell of bacon filled the air. I slowly opened my eyes to see my dark room was still here, the light in the hallway was on and light creeped in through the cracks in my door. Was mom making breakfast...at 4 in the morning?

I slowly sat up and threw my legs over the bed and felt for the soft carpet ground. I stood up and sauntered towards my door, carefully, I slid the door open a crack and peeked in at the empty lit hall. It took my eyes a moment to adjust to the light, but I could see my parent's door was closed and the lights downstairs were on. I slid my door open all the way and began to descend the stairs. When I neared the kitchen the smell was stronger and my mouth watered, of course if she was making breakfast she'd never give me some

As I entered the kitchen I saw an old lady figure in a flowery dress. Her gray hair was tied up in a bun on her head, she was a plump figure and was short. Her dress fell down to her knees and she was lightly swaying to some old country music that came from the radio in a quiet hum. My eyes teared up slightly, but I pushed it away, this couldn't be real... I know it couldn't be.

I stood by the entrance, too scared to breathe or move, I was numb to the bone. I finally mustered up the courage to say something, "G-Grandma?" I stuttered slightly. She didn't turn around, just kept doing whatever she was doing on the stove and swaying to the music that lightly came from the radio.

"Good morning, dearie!" Her soft soothing voice sounded above the music, the room felt warm and so familiar. I didn't ever want to wake up... My eyes began to water and I let them as I watched her, I quickly wiped my eyes and ran over and hugged her from behind.

"Grandma! I miss you so much!" I cried and suddenly she stopped swaying and stayed still. I didn't notice as I cried, then I slowly pulled away and wiped my eyes. "This all feels so real... Grandma?" 

She remained still, I peeked over her shoulder to see the stove was off and the room got colder. I shivered and a breath cloud appeared in front of my face and onto my grandma's shoulder. The music came to an abrupt stop, she remained still, as if frozen. I took a step back and looked around, the room was dark and  the walls began to peel. "G-Grandma! We have to go!" 

The paint on the wall was peeling and falling off. I grabbed my grandma's arm and suddenly the sound of shattering glass broke through the silence, Grandma shattered into pieces in front of me. My heart rate hitched as I backed up against the counter. A scream from somewhere upstairs pulled my attention away from the shattered glass pile in front of me. I took off sprinting up the stairs, behind me the stairs began to fall away to a pitch black pit.

"Mom!" I screamed as I reached the top of the stairs, which seemed like eternity. The light was flickering and the hallway was slimming. Are the walls moving in? Another cry came from my parent's room, I tried to run towards the door at the end of the hall. It began to open slowly; but the floor was extending, making it move further back. I let out a shrill cry...

Wait...was that me? The walls seemed to stop moving and the door opened, the floor was still. I ran to the door and pushed it open, all was quiet. I took a step in as the door slammed shut behind me, a bed appeared. It was a small twin-sized bed with a small figure underneath a blanket... I know this place... I tried to back away but something was pulling me towards the bed, the blanket rose and fell slowly, almost like something was breathing.

"No!" I shouted as I tried to fight off the force that pulled me. "No! Please! Not again!" There was a laugh, almost like a growl from somewhere on the other side of the bed. My jaw and fists clenched as I stopped at the edge of the bed, the other side was pitch black, but a large figure stood out in the darkness. His face was imperceptible, I could only make out his long cloak that hung down to his knees. He was taller than me, almost 6'4, I had shrunken. A small chuckle escaped from him and broke the silence. "Leave her alone!" I demanded as I glared up at him, my voice coming out almost in a high pitched squeak.

The figure's head shook, "You can't stop this, Oliver..." the bed fell away and I was left alone with the figure. My whole body was trembling.

"Where is she?!" I shouted, the figure just chuckled, his laugh echoed in the room and it made me feel more vulnerable than ever. "Tell me what you did with my sister!" I demanded, more confident than I felt. His laugh stopped and he backed away into the darkness again. I tried to go after him but something grabbed me by my shoulders and pulled me back. "No!" I screeched as I was pulled back into more darkness.

"Oliver! Oliver! Wake up!" A woman's voice called from somewhere. I continued to struggle, my chest felt like it could explode at any moment. Suddenly light appeared and a girl was bent over me, gripping my shoulders. "Oliver, you need to wake up!" She shook me.

"Who are you?" I questioned frantically, somewhere nearby a clock was ticking. Then a loud ringing sound and a scream.


Dream Ends

Oliver shot up in his bed, some sunlight peered through his window and onto his bed. The alarm rung as he took in heavy breaths. His door swung open and his dad ran in with a bat and looked around frantically, his eyes met Oliver's and he lowered his bat and trudged over to Oliver and sat on the edge of his bed, rubbing his eyes. Oliver slammed down on his alarm and fell back in his bed again; his breathing had become even, they sat in silence for a moment. "I screamed...didn't I?" He questioned although he knew the answer.

"Yeah." His dad replied and stood up slowly. "I think...you may need to go back to having a psychiatrist." He mumbled as he looked out the window.

"But...Der-" His dad's eyes shot over at him and Oliver nodded slowly, trying not to argue because it would only end with a slap. He had stopped calling Derek his dad when he had hit him the first time. He took in a deep breath then walked out of Oliver's room, shutting the door behind him.

Oliver inhaled deeply, thinking about his dream he reached over the side of the bed and under the bed. He leaned over a little as he searched, he stopped and pulled his hand back, along with a small book with a pen attached. He sat up and stared at the book, the room was silent until he opened the book. The sound of pages rubbing together then coming apart was the only sound, until he got half way into the book, he began to write. Everything he could remember from the dream he wrote down.

He remembered every detail, because nothing had changed...until now.

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