YouTube Love

A girl, Ashley, who loves watching youtube videos has finally decided to go to a digifest. She gets to meet the whole o2l guys and they all think she's cute. Ricky who is 1 year older has himself hooked to her.


1. It started with a hello

I walk into my favorite cafe that my best friend works. I sit on a stool and my friend squeals. "Hey, girly!" She says way to cheesy. "Woah! You're way to happy and cheesy! What happened?" I raise and eyebrow. "Look over there!" She whispers and points to a couple of guys at a table. "So?" I shrug and she gasps. "You don't know who they are?!?!" She screams. "Umm, no" I chuckle. "Ashley Gray Fox, how do you not know them?!?!" She yells. The guys at the table stare at us and I meet eye contact with a guy with light brown hair and light kind of hazel eye color. We stare at each other till he turns away looking back over once in a awhile. "Ashley Gray Fox are you listening?" She screams in my ear. "Quit using my full name I hate it! And I have to go" I get up holding my coffee cup smelling the sweet aroma smell. "Why are you leaving so early?" She asks. "My mom and I are having breakfast today so I have to get ready" I kiss her cheek and walk out. I walk along the sidewalk till I hear footsteps behind me. I turn and see the same guy from the cafe. He smiles and says "Hello". "Hello" and we were off.

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