Welcome to Hell

I didn't die in the 74th Hunger Games, neither did the other tributes. Welcome to my hell.


2. Chapter 2

I woke up to the bright sun shining in my eyes. I rolled over to avoid the Ray that blinded me and came face to face with Cato. His blonde hair was messy from tossing and turning last night. I ran my hand through it and a smirk appeared on his face. His sparkling blue eyes looked at me. 
"Good morning." His deep voice was raspy.
"Morning dumbass." I smiled. 
Cato and I had an interesting relationship. We had hated each other since we were little, constantly fighting. That hatred turned into passion when we were teenagers. We still hated each other, but that made for some amazing sex. Our little relationship was a totally secret. We used to meet every Friday at 10 pm inside the Career House locker room. Then pretty soon it was an everyday thing.
We never saw each other romantically, that was until we both ended up in the Hunger Games. Here we are 2 years later, alive and losers. Chess pieces in a never ended game.
Cato rolled out of bed. I watched as he searched for a pair of shorts. He turned his head just enough to catch me looking. "Hey, perv. Stop." He laughed.
"Oh, I'm the perv. You're the one with a younger girl." My bitchy tone coming out. Cato was the only person I ever met who could handle me,probably because he was just as bitchy as me.  
"You are lucky I love you." 
"Why, would the great Cato kill me if you didn't?" I pulled a knife from under my pillow. I was an expert knife thrower. You could blindfold me and start running and I'd still hit you. 
"See, you throw knives because you are 5'3 and weak. You keep people at a distance because you aren't strong enough. Unlike me." Cato bragged of his great skill. His cocky attitude was omnipresent with every sentence.
"Yet you lost? If you're so strong, why didn't you win?" 
"Because you died." The cocky attitude he always had disappeared with his comment.
"I wish I did." I sighed. "Heaven's better than here."
"Clove, you did die. You went to hell. People like you don't go to heaven." 
He was right. I had killed more people than the eye could see. I had slept with a taken man, that man being Cato. I had nearly killed members of my own family.And worst of all, I was never nice to anyone. So maybe I did deserve this. Maybe I deserved to be watched by the Capitol and used. Maybe I don't deserve to be free. I at least want to be myself.  

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