Welcome to Hell

I didn't die in the 74th Hunger Games, neither did the other tributes. Welcome to my hell.


1. Chapter 1

Panem,a nation who saved the world. They care for their people and protect them. They put their people into 13 districts so that each and every person is safe from the outside world. In exchange, the citizens of Panem work under their districts speciality. Each district produces something to help keep this beautiful nation running. It was all perfect, for some.
District 13 decided they wanted out of this nation. They felt that Districts 1,2,and 4 were the only districts that the Capitol cared about. This is when trouble began. Brothers turned on each other and families were separated. Fire raided the districts. Thousands upon thousands were killed. The Capitol decided to put an end to this by destroying what started it.District 13 was engulfed in flames. All that stood was the Justice Building.
That was the example. You rebel, you die. That quickly ended the Civil War, except it wasn't over yet. Pretty soon mansions popped up on the outskirts of town. Everyone stood in awe at these mansions, wondering why they were built. "Victor's Village" was the name. No one knew that for the next 75 years, 23 kids ranging from ages 12-18 would be viscously murdered on live TV. That one kid would remain standing. That kid would be thrown into fame and a life of luxury. This was called the "Hunger Games". 
This was what the Capitol called "installing fear".  If they could televise children being murdered, they could do anything they wanted to.
Beautiful turned cruel. Safety turned fear. Care turned violent. This is the real Panem. Not what they convince us they are in District 2. The real Panem is hell. The real hell is where I am. Hell does exist. Hell isn't what the outer districts think. It isn't living in a shack, it isn't being starving, it isn't being sick, and it isn't watching a loved one die. 
I am healthy, well-fed, and living with my boyfriend in a beautiful house. Why is it hell? I am Clove. I am 18 years old. I am from District 2. I died in the 74th Hunger Games. Except I didn't die. No one dies in the Hunger Games. As soon as a tribute that was killed in the arena is pulled,they are revived. They are sent underground, under the Capitol. No one can know they are alive. They are simply used for the Captiol's well-being. Out of the 23 dead, the 2 most lethal losers are given new names and are allowed to live in the Capitol. All expenses paid, under one condition. You must do anything and everything the Capitol requests of you. 
Sometimes I wish I would have just died. Instead, I am constantly being watched, being pressured, being taunted. I can never see my family. I can never live happily ever after. Instead, I will be called whenever I'm needed to assassinate someone, innocent or not.

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