Through the Killing Glass

Brittany Rhodes is a freshman in High school and she just celebrated her 15th brithday. On that day she got a mysterious letter and the only way to find out what is is about is to travel to Birmingham, Alabama. But in that time she runs into a person she never thought she would see again and gets thrown into the life she never wanted. A life filled with danger, drama and death on every doorstep. Soon she has to figure out who she trusts because trusting the wrong person could lead to problems. What will she do, who will she meet and who can she trust? Read Through the Killing Glass to find out


1. Chapter 1


I swore I would always protect you and one day I regret to say I couldn’t. I took something from you before you left and I will be sure to find you and give it back on your 16th birthday. I am sorry for taking it away but it was the only chance you had to survive our world and I know you will be angry with me but understand I was trying to help you not hurt you. I hope I will be able to find you and see you again but there is a very small chance I will get out of this alive. If I can’t I will either send your father or another person I want you to meet but neither of you can know about each other until the time is right.

I love you.




I had read through this letter about a million times since my 15th birthday. I was adopted and I knew this but I never actually wanted to know who they were. The agency was told to give this to me when I was sixteen by the man who had originally brought me in but they forgot and sent it to me a year earlier. I never knew my biological family and as I said earlier I never wanted to, but I was planning on finding out soon because this letter pushed me over the edge and made me instantly want to find them and see who they were. Plus I wanted to know what she meant by “our world” and who this person was that she didn’t mention in the letter, but I would figure out soon.


I shoved the letter back into my back pocket of my jeans, and walked into the doors of my school. I didn’t want anyone finding out about this letter so I made sure to hide it.


I immediately saw my best friend Tianna Hanson and I ran over to her and sat down.


“Ok first of all this has to be a lie, Elena lies all the time they can’t think this is real!” Tianna was yelling at our friend Nathan Merritt.


“Yeah well she apparently seemed pretty serious when she told them.” Nathan replied.

“Ok what’s going on now?” I asked annoyed. Elena McDaniels was the root of every problem we had with our friend group since we started high school. I was friends with her for a while but I have to say I never trusted her at all. She had started various lies about a lot of things. She had lied about what was said about who and who said what about something or someone else and eventually that pushed us away from her because we didn’t want that negativity in our lives anymore. She hated us for our choice to leave her and her ‘revenge’ was to start rumors about us because she thought it would hurt us but, it didn’t work. We weren’t falling for her pity party anymore and we were ready to start fresh without the drama she started


“Elena is saying that Nathan slept with Christina.”


“Well we all know she is lying so what are we discussing this for?” I asked.


“Because this is the last time I am putting up with this. There is no way in hell I would ever sleep with the school slut.” Nathan yelled.


“Hey Nathan we know that but there’s no reason to feed into this. If we do we are just giving her a reason to continue to do this to us.”


“Yeah well I don’t want the entire school thinking I’m a fuckboy ok.” Nathan yelled.


“Yeah I get that Nate but there is no way I’m going to let you take the fall for this because we know it’s not true ok. What if we try to play it off as if you were at a friends house the day this happened?” I suggested.


“Yeah or we could find him a girlfriend he was with when this happened.” Tianna suggested.


“But no girl in the school is going to say yes after they hear about what Elena said I did with Christina.” Nathan said. Tianna and I looked at each other and rolled our eyes. We knew this was true but we tried to play it off as we didn’t.


“I’ll volunteer.” Tianna stated turning back to him.


“After what happened with Max no way. No one's going to believe we seriously started dating after what he did to you.” Nathan said.


Max Nelson was Tianna’s ex, and they broke up about a month ago. About a month after they started dating he became possessive and controlling and we soon found out he was abusing her mentally, verbally and physically. Nathan and I had set up a plan to get him out of her life and it worked. He got expelled and was put in a new school in a different state. We were glad he was out of her life and so was she. She had found out about our scheme and was pissed at us for a few days but she got over it when she finally got it into her head that she was better off without him.


“Then let’s make it look real.” Tianna said. But before anything happened my phone went off. I looked at it but didn’t know the number. I hit answer and put it on speaker.


“Hello?” I said through the speaker.


“Hi um is this Brittany Rhodes?” The voice from the other speaker asked.


“This is she.”


“Um hi my name is Cole Holland and I was wondering if you got a letter from the agency that you were sent to when you were a baby?” The person asked me.


“Um yeah but how would you know about that I’m in Minnesota you sound like you're from the south.” I said.


“I sound like that because I am, actually Alabama to be accurate, but I’m calling because I got a letter to saying your name and number and to find and call you.” He explained.


“Well have fun with that.” I said and hung up.


“Who was it?” Nathan asked me.


“Just some random guy from the south.” I explained.



Then the bell rang to start school. I got up said by to my friends and headed to my first class.



Throughout the entire day I got fifteen calls from the guy who had called me earlier. I ignored every single one, but then he started texting me nonstop and I finally got tired of trying to hide the fact that my phone was vibrating in my back pocket.


“Mr. Schmitt can I use the bathroom quickly.” I asked when I got to my last hour  teacher’s desk and he nodded and I left. I walked into the bathroom and grabbed my phone. I checked the messages and there was 30 messages and all of them were from the same guy telling me I had better pick up my phone, and other things I didn’t care to read. I texted him back




From Cole: Well than answer your goddamn phone!


To Cole: I can’t I’m going to get into trouble if I do!


From Cole: Fine but what time does your school end? Bc we have to talk about these letters.


To Cole: Fine 3:15 is when it ends but I don’t get home til 4


From Cole: Thank you.


I sighed because the conversation was finally over. I put my cell phone into  walked out of the bathroom and walked back into the classroom and finished class. About a half an hour later the bell rang and we were done with school. I immediately heard my phone go off and the caller ID came up and it was Cole. I answered it instantly.


“Ok, now I’m able to talk.” I said.


“Ok good. So what exactly did your letter say?” He asked me.


“It explained that my biological mother sent me away in order to protect me and that I was supposed to get this when I was 16 but I’m only 15.” I told him.


“Can you read the entire letter to me please.” He asked.


“Why what if I don’t want to.” I replied.


“Fine you know what you have like aqua blue hair right?”


“Yes but tha-” I was cut off my someone turning me around from behind.


“Because I found you and your school.” He said in person and in the call. He pulled his phone away and hung up. I instantly tried to run but he was in front of me before I was able to start running.


“Sorry you’re too slow.” He said. Suddenly three other people walked over and blocked me in.


“Great you brought your friends to torture me too?” I said.


“Nah they're just here to keep you from running.” Cole said. I finally got a good look at him. He had pitch black hair and violet eyes. I looked at the others and there was one girl and two boys. I calculated my options of getting out and the odds weren't in my favor so I just sighed and let what happen happen.

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