Sunrise In Astoria

It's the year 2009 and the Cullens have finished their college degrees and have to start over again, as none of them looks old enough for their estimated age anymore. The rainy, 10 thousand inhabitant town of Astoria in Oregon seems as the perfect place, to start High School over again. The six teenagers and Jacob Black reattend High School and keep to themselves. Everything is perfect in their lives, until Ariana Grande enters Edward's literature classes.
- Sequel to the Twilight book series. -


1. Moving To Astoria

Moving To Astoria



"Here we are Ari," Mum squealed. 

'Astoria' the sign read. Instead of reacting, I just pretended to be asleep and closed my eyes. 

"That's your school I guess," she said, knowing well I wasn't at all asleep. 

Mum was 35 and incredibly pretty, I definitely have my looks from her, her long, curly brown hair, her slightly brown teint and her youthful brown eyes. In fact, Mum looked so young, we had been mistaken for twins several times already. However, we actually looked alike so much, that we could be twins. On top of that, we were about the same height, although she was slightly taller than me with her 5ft2. She was easily fascinated and excited by almost everything, what made her seem younger. The car stopped and the driver door opened, allowing cold wind to flood in. With the slam of the door I pretended to wake up. I left the car and two things caught my eye immediately. Our new home, a beautiful 19th century Victorian house and the thick grey clouds lingering above it. In Florida clouds like these had been a rarity, now it would be part of our everyday lives. As if they would welcome us with a nice rainy afternoon. 

"Now, let's unpack the car," Mum mumbled, looking at the sky, probably fearing the upcoming rain. 

So did I, rain had never been my favourite weather. 

"Ari, would you please take something," Mum gasped as she passed me, carrying her golden suitcase. 

I did as I was told and returned to the car. The boot was pretty big for a regular family car, if my Mum had heard that, she would kill me. Regular wasn't the word she wanted to hear in connection with her Ford Mondeo 2007. Stunning, fast, elegant were more present in her word range. If she would have bought a Lamborghini, her car would be complimented a lot more. 

"Are you intending on grabbing something, or will you just stare at the suitcases," she mocked me, as she grabbed the big black suitcase. 

I rolled my eyes theatrical but grabbed my red suitcase, struggling with the weight of it. 

"Let me give you a hand," Mum offered and lifted it out one handed. 

Show off. I pulled out the handle and pulled the suitcase along, trying to keep up with my Mum's fast pace.

"Your room is up on the third floor. Go and unpack your stuff, I'll grab the rest," she advised me, heaving the black suitcase onto the living room couch. 

That was easier said than done. How on earth should I bring my suitcase up the stairs? The answer to the problem stood in the doorway. 

"Let me bring up your stuff quickly, before I park the car. We have the garage for a reason," Mum joked and grabbed my suitcase. 

She jumped up the stairs easily and I gathered together all my belongings, we had packed into smaller bags. 

"Where are you, princess," Mum called for me. 

I loathed the nickname. Actually she had promised me to drop it when I'd turn 16. Well that was half a year ago now and she still called me names. Slowly I walked up the stairs, juggling my properties. My room was stunning, it was small but cosy. Right beneath the huge window at the front was a king size bed. Left and right were lovely wooden night stands matching the yellowish colour of the walls. Opposite to the bed was a stunning fireplace. There was a wooden desk on the left hand side of the bed.

"I'll give you some time to unpack now. For dinner we will go out," Mum said and gave me a heart attack. 

I had totally forgotten, that she was in my room too. She had placed my suitcase on the green armchair next to the fireplace. An empty, gorgeous, ceiling high bookshelf stood next to the armchair, a small table on the other side. It would be filled soon enough, as I was a total bookworm. Next to the small table was a beautiful wooden closet, a vase full of lilies on top. The moment, I had sorted all my belongings into the closet, the bookshelf, the desk and drawers, my Mum called for me. 

"Time to go," Mum said and grabbed her handbag and the car keys from the hook in the hallway and headed outside. "We'll sort out the rest later. We just better get going before everything closes."

I threw over my jacket and headed out after her. 

"What about the door," I yelled for my Mum. 

She turned around and threw the key in my direction. I locked the door and walked down the path towards the street, where my Mum was waiting in the car impatiently.

"Keep it, you need a key anyways," Mum said, as I wanted to slip the key into her purse.

We drove for only a few minutes until the first restaurant appeared.

"How about T Pal's... I can't read it, but anyways," she mumbled.

"Sure," I agreed, knowing she was starving. "Let's go to 'T Paul' Supper Club'."

Satisfied, Mum pulled into the parking lot and left the car, as soon as it stood still and the engine stopped purring. Her door fell shut, before I had even opened mine. She waited at the heck of the car, on me and together we set off, to dine in a weird-looking restaurant.

"Hello, my name is Bella and I will be your waitress for tonight. Only the two of you," the young woman at the entrance asked and we nodded. "If you would follow me."

She grabbed two menus in the motion of passing the sideboard, what I thought was cool, and seated us in a private booth. As she reached me the menu, as soon as I had placed myself on one of the chairs, I realized how incredibly, unbelievably beautiful she was. Her beauty was beyond normal, the way her shiny, brown hair fell to the sides of her neck, complimented her pale skin. Models would envy her perfectly proportioned body and her flawless skin. Nevertheless, it were her eyes, that made her appearance so incredible attractive, they were a very light shade of brown, almost gold. Wherever she got these contacts from, I would have to get around to that place. Her smile simply improved the whole appearance, although her face alone would have been enough to give everybody the worst feeling of jealousy anyways.

"Back to school dinner," she asked, trying to make conversation.

She was probably bored, only three people apart from us weren't served at the moment.

"Oh, no not really. Well, halfway," Mum mumbled, obviously startled by the waitress's beauty too. "We just moved here, the house is still a mess. Besides I didn't get around to do grocery shopping."

"How old are you," the waitress asked and turned towards me.

"16 but I am attending Juniors," I told her truthfully, proud of my early attendance.

"That's cool, I'm Seniors," she replied and flashed her stunning smile again. "Have you decided yet?"

"The Terminator and some Traditional Iced Tea, please" Mum placed her order, folded the menu and lay it aside.

"The Colorado Club Sandwich and a Sprite, please," I ordered and placed my menu on my Mum's.

The food came pretty fast and was eaten even faster. I had not felt the hunger at all but I appreciated the food more and ate it a lot faster than usually. The gorgeous waitress asked us for dessert and we couldn't deny, so we ordered Warm Turtle Ganache Cake for Mum and The Magic Mountain for me. Both of them sounded pretty much like chocolate deaths. I excused myself for the restroom and asked for the receipt at the till and if I could pay immediately, and so I did. $46.95 was the bill and $60 I paid but only because the waitress was perfect, plainly perfect. However, I had to use the restroom in fact and so I did, leaving it to the sight of a surprised mother, who was just about to pay.


Author's Note:

To whomever reads this, if you even read all the way through, THANK YOU. Besides, I would like to apologize for the long and boring chapter, but that's only the introduction, it will become interesting, I promise. Feedback in any form is highly appreciated and if it knocks my story down completely. T Paul' Supper Club is a real and actually existing restaurant, in case you wondered. If you like it so far, you might have another look in few days time, as I tend to write a lot at once. Before I came here, I was on QuoteV and FicWad but neither of them made me feel comfortable in publishing. Hopefully this will be a better start this time! 

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