Sunrise In Astoria

It's the year 2009 and the Cullens have finished their college degrees and have to start over again, as none of them looks old enough for their estimated age anymore. The rainy, 10 thousand inhabitant town of Astoria in Oregon seems as the perfect place, to start High School over again. The six teenagers and Jacob Black reattend High School and keep to themselves. Everything is perfect in their lives, until Ariana Grande enters Edward's literature classes.
- Sequel to the Twilight book series. -


2. Day Off

Day Off


"Goodbye, honey," Mum said, pecked me on the cheek and shoved some money into my hand. "Have fun shopping." 
Although I was still wrecked from unpacking our belongings throughout half the night, I was already making plans on spending the money. It probably was about two to three hundred. Knowing very well, that at least $100 would end up being spent on books, I tried figuring out what to buy out of the remaining money. Most likely a school bag, stationery and painting stuff such as clothing and shoes. It was a Thursday, so I couldn't get to known to any teenagers, as they attended school until 3-4.30 pm. I finished my cereals, placed the bowl in the dishwasher and headed for a quick shower. Freshly washed and still undressed, apart from the loosely wrapped towel, I jumped up the stairs. Opening the drawers at the bottom of my closet, I decided for a lovely ensemble of a red bra and pantie. With a quick glance out of the window, tops were no choice, so I pulled out the only jumper I got. A plainly black one, apart from two white stripes at the top of each sleeve. The variety of clothing was very poor, so I grabbed a dark grey leggings and pink socks. Fully dressed, I rushed into my bathroom and applied some light and decent make-up. My hair still touched my back, after I had tied it up to a high ponytail. Throwing an umbrella into my beige colored handbag, I regretted, having denied the backpack Mum had offered me to buy. Opening my drawer in the shoe closet, I realized, none of my shoes were suitable for living here either. It had been easy running around in pumps in Boca Raton but Astoria wasn't the same, not at all. Not only had it been dry in Florida, it wasn't full of hills either. Frustrated, I shoved the drawer closed again and opened my Mum's. The sight lighted up my mood, black wedge-heel boots. Luckily Mum had the same size as me, so they fit perfectly, as if they were my very own. Quickly I checked myself in the mirror, left the house and tried orientating myself. Skipping towards the bus stop, I appreciated that people were working or went to school. Halfway to the bus station, it started to rain and I could finally make use of my newly bought umbrella. It was only my second day and it was pouring down already. The bus was late and the cold started creeping into my clothes. It had stopped raining by the time the bus arrived and it only dripped then. The door opened, I climbed in, paid my ticket and seated myself at a window. The historical downtown was soon arrived and I got out, trying to figure out directions. 'Godfather's Books' was the first shop of interest and I entered. The young lady behind the counter greeted me friendly and flashed a wide smile. Her teeth were obviously bleached, as they reflected the light from the lamp above her. Additionally, her hair was hydrogen peroxid and she definitely was a regular customer in a tanning studio. Obviously a bad one, as her skin tone was more orange than brown. The tapping noise of her fake nails on the counter and the sound of her bubblegum popping, unnerved me. Nevertheless it was another trait that made me leave in the end, her attitude. I was just about to look through the fantasy section, as the door opened. Together with the chilly wind, two men entered, whom obviously were in a relationship. However, I was not the only one to notice that. 
"Why can't they stay up in Seattle," the woman at the counter cursed. "Astoria is a traditional town after all."
Did she just admit being homophobic? That was disgusting! I put back the books I had chosen and left for good, not intending on ever returning again. I'd rather buy my books online and wait for them than buying them in that store. That was a horrible experience and the two young men obviously felt the same, as they left right after me. 'Link's Outdoor' was the next destination. Few hours later, I sat at the bus station, wrecked and surrounded by bags over bags of things I didn't necessarily needed but had wanted. Luckily the bus had to stop at a red light, which gave me time to gather all my bags together. It was the same driver and he again didn't charge me anything. Obviously he remembered me too, as he reminded me of getting off at my station. I thanked him, as I had seriously forgotten that it was in fact my stop. Never had I struggled so much, getting my shopping home. Huffing and puffing I finally reached our house, realizing that I had never locked the front door. Cursing myself, I heave myself up the steps to the door and push without any success. Obviously the door locked itself when shut properly. Relieved, I opened my bag and searched for my purse, which I found pretty soon, although my bag was a mess. Only to then be disappointed by the fact, that the key wasn't there, which meant I would have to wait until Mum came home.

"Damn it," I muttered under my breath.

"Meow," was the answer.

The cat I had fallen in love with at the pet shop sat in her cage, desperately meowing in the hope of being set free and she was. I opened her cage and the beautiful grey cat with the piercing green eyes left the carriage box and sniffed around the place curiously, I unpacked her food bowl and opened the first package of dry cat food. She looked very pleased indeed, as her bowl was filled and began eating right away. Hopefully she will understand, that this is her home - I thought to myself. With a quick glance to my watch, I sighed heavily. It was just before 5pm, Mum wouldn't be home by 8pm.

"Hello there," an unfamiliar voice greeted me and I raised my head in surprise. "I am Scarlett Brooks, your neighbour. You must be Ariana Grande, I guess."

I nodded vividly and shook her hand, which she held towards me.

"You are sitting here for quite a while now, have you locked yourself out," she analysed the situation and I nodded again. "Do you want to come to my place until your mother comes home?"

"Yes, please," I answered her, bored of nodding. "That would be very pleasant indeed."

While walking next to each other, I had a closer look. She was pretty, tall and slim, although she had to be strong, as she carried almost all of my stuff, whereas I had three bags and my handbag. Her hair was a shiny, honey blonde pixie cut, which suited her heart-shaped face and her blue eyes. Her white top underlined her big boobs and her yoga pants defined her apple butt. She was lucky, that the rain had stopped or her top would have been see-through in no time, at least her trainers matched the weather. Although I hated trainers, I had thought about getting some for my own, as it would be easier wearing these around here. However, the models they sold in the shops weren't quite my style, so I would have to order them online. At least I had found a better book shop and got around to buy a nice amount of books. Unlike my usual shopping habits, I only spent slightly over $500 which was half of what my Mum had given me. $1000 she had given me, only so I would be happy and spent the day nicely.

"Do you want to leave the bags down here," the girl - I forgot her name - asked. "My room is upstairs and you probably don't want to drag them around with you more than necessary."

"Definitely not," I agreed and dropped the few bags I had carried onto the floor in the hallway. "Thank you."

She set off the rest and shoved them against the wall, so they wouldn't be in anybody's way. We were just about to go up the stairs, as my stomach growled. It was embarrassing, but he was right, I hadn't fed him since the bowl of cereals in the morning and that's 9 hours ago.

"Are you hungry," she asked and giggled. "Let's grab you something to eat."

The girl wasn't only pretty, she was also friendly and that was rare, at least in Florida.

"Oh fuck," a young man who had just entered the kitchen cursed and fell to the floor. "It's so Scary."

"My name is not Scary, you moron," she hissed towards him and frowned, before turning back to making me a sandwich.

For a moment, I thought he had meant me. He got back up and laughed, grabbing a muffin from a tray and scuffing it into his mouth.

"They aren't for you," she snapped and shoved him out of the kitchen.

"I wanted something to eat," he complained and came back, to make himself a sandwich.

Not only by their behaviour, but also by his looks, it was easy to see that they were siblings. His honey blonde hair complimented his blue eyes and he was tall. Very tall, at least 6ft4. Well-built was almost an understatement, regarding the size of his muscles, he was probably able to lift me one-handed.

"Here you go," she said and shoved the plate towards me. "Tuck in."

It was extremely awkward, eating at your neighbour's place, while knowing them for about five minutes but the hunger was killing me. Friendly as she was, she also reached me a drink of self-made lemonade, which I gulped down.

"See you Scary," her attractive brother said, before he left the room and headed towards the front door.

"As you probably figured out, Jason is my brother," she mumbled and I tried engraving his name into my brain. "He thinks using scary as an abbreviation for Scarlett is funny. His friends from football, whom he is seeing now, are just as amusing."

"Thank you, for taking care of me like that," I appreciated her kindness and changed the subject. "I know this is a really awkward getting-known-to but I would appreciate to use your restroom for just a second."

"Oh, sure," she replied and stood up, heading out to the hallway. "By the way, its not awkward at all. Besides, I am sorry for my brother, I think he is awkward around girls because he hadn't had a relationship in years now."

With that it was settled, I wanted to get known to her better. As to her brother.  

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