Death Date

Autumn finds herself face to face with the soul catchers, begging for 10 more days of life. She soon begins to unravel the secrets of the Shadow Realm and the Heavens and it's inhabitants. Rooming with the Soul Catchers isn't easy, especially when Mr. Talk Dark and Arrogant is the boss, but after all how bad can it be? And it's only for 10 days.. what could possibly go wrong?


3. ◇¤◇T W O

I smoothed my hair over and the clock struck six. My palms were sweaty as I waited for Henry. The last of the employees were clocking out for the day, so I entered my time and followed suit.
Someone cleared their throat behind me, and I turned to see Henry standing there looking at the time teasingly. I smirked and got my things, did he have a pocket watch too? Hmm... Must be a 'thing' now.

We walked out of the building. He even held the door- very nice. Although I could have gotten it myself, it was a nice gesture… he seems like a real gentleman.

We made small talk while walking a couple blocks before stopping in front of a fairly busy-looking bar. This is way too crowded…

Henry looked around before turning back to me, "Do you mind if we go somewhere A little more private?" He asked. 
I swallowed nervously, nodding, "That sounds fine." 
He motioned towards a bar down the street and we switched, heading in that direction. Things seemed to be going fairly well. So far, he was polite and kind, and somewhat quiet but he made an effort. He held the door open for me again as we walked into the cozy bar. Low lights hung about, creating a casual and laid-back environment. We sat down at a booth in the back. He smiled a dashing smile at me as the waitress came up- a beautiful girl with pale light skin and bright hazel green eyes. 

"Hey guys, my name's Samantha. And I'll be serving you this fine and starry evening" She smiled, "Anyway, the bartender is trying out a new drink and we want to see if people will like it," She looked at us happily, "Mind trying it out so I can give him some feed back? It's pretty sweet..." she looked at me, "but not too sweet," She finished, looking at Henry who just smirked. He nodded.

"Okay we'll give it a go," he said, "Do you mind?"

I smiled politely, "Not at all!" 

He grinned, "We'll take two," he told Samantha as I turned to look out the window. She left to go get our drinks.

"So… Autumn ?" Henry asked as I looked up at him, taking my phone out of my purse in case someone called.


"Tell me about yourself," he prompted. I began to tell him about where I when to school and college, etc. He nodded, listening intently as I continued. Soon Samantha came back with some foamy blood red drink and put one in front of each of us. I looked at it carefully; his looked like it was made first. I looked back at Henry's. Yup- mine's definitely more fizzy and foamy. 

Samantha lingered around our booth, "I like to see the customer's reactions,. Most respond well!" she smiled, "They love it." 

Henry took a sip of his. He winced, "It's good, I'm just not much of a fruit guy though," he smiled politely at Samantha. I smiled, about to take a sip, when I remembered something and put my drink down. There was visible disappointment in both their faces.

"What's wrong?" Samantha looked at me. I blushed sheepishly…

"This is really embarrassing… but I can't drink. I'm still on antibiotics from an infection I had a couple days ago..." I looked away. Henry frowned, looking annoyed, and Samantha didn't even try to hide her disappointment.

"I'm sorry," I grimaced. Why do they look so upset? It's just a drink.
I shrugged it off.

"It's okay," Samantha smiled weakly,"I'll leave it there in case you change your mind, and I'll bring you some water," She trotted off.
I thanked her, and turned back to Henry who still looked very annoyed. 

"Are you okay?" I asked, concerned.

"Fine," he responded coldly. Okay, now he's just being weird…

The rest of the evening went like that; Henry's sudden mood swing startled me. His one word answers and nods of indifference worried me. What the hell is his problem?
He even yawned, looking bored. What an arrogant jerk!

Finally, he suggested we go home and rest up for tomorrow. I nodded and grabbed my bag. He paid the bill and opened the door for me, walking out to the street. He started down the block, calling out that he'd 'see me tomorrow' over his shoulder. 
I rolled my eyes at his rudeness and wondered how in the world my date had taken such a bad turn- and all over a drink. I started walking down the block, thinking about arrogant cocky lawyer Henry. 

I was almost home when I reached for my phone. Might as well call Maya and tell her what a disaster it was. I rummaged through my bag. What the… damn it! I must have left it at the bar. I turned around and headed back to get it.

After a nice twenty minute argument with the Bar manager about my lost phone, I started on my way back. I had sent Maya a text instead. I was too exhausted to call. Damn Henry. I had just turned my corner when I saw a familiar face. A black mastiff dog sat on the curb in front of my apartment building.

"Viper… what are you doing off of your leash again?" I approached the animal calmly.

Suddenly a white light blinded me, as a loud boom echoed through the street and a fire exploded in the building I was standing near. I gasped as fire and smoke came out of a window… Wait!! That's my window! 
I turned as I heard familiar voices down the street.

"Seriously?! She wasn't inside?"

I turned around and saw a familiar faces walking up. There was Samantha from the bar… Henry... And there was Angel from this morning- with that quiet strawberry blonde! 
I looked around at them, shocked…

"What is going on?" I asked, bewildered.

Henry looked angry; he threw his hands up in frustration,"Someone is going to have to take the blame for this!" 

Viper trotted to Angel, wagging his tail. She looked at the apartment concerned, "I guess luck hasn't favored us today." 

Henry shook his head,"Screw luck, who ever messed up should be the one to finish the job. Let's just be done with this." He looked at me, almost… repulsed. This is not the same guy I agreed to go out with… 

"What's going on?!" I asked more fervently. Now I was pretty upset- and still confused.

Samantha smiled hollowly, "Sorry, Autumn, but… You're supposed to be dead."

I stared so hard that I began to get lightheaded. The strawberry blond raised an eyebrow at me, and then glanced up at my burning apartment before he spoke.

"What Sammie means, Autumn, is that you've managed to miss every attempt at your scheduled passing today." 

"Passing?" I looked narrowed my eyes at him.

"Your Death date," Henry clarified, rolling his eyes. I felt an involuntary shiver go through me at his words.
"Death date…that…that's crazy! I'm going to call the police!" I yelled at them, searching my bag for my phone.

"Someone please stop her before she hurts herself," Henry snapped.

Angel looked down at her dog, "Viper," she said firmly, looking from him to me. She nodded in my direction and he got the hint. He came closer and growled at me, his sharp teeth out. 

Angel looked at me apologetically, "Take your hand out of your bag." 

I sighed pulling it out, defeated. The blonde guy looked at me, clearly frustrated and annoyed, "Ughh… you humans! It's so infuriating-like you never know when to give up and accept what's right in front of you!" 

I straightened my shoulders, "Just who do you think you are?" I countered. But then a thought hit me… did he say… humans? As if he isn't one? I took a step back.

"Or better yet, what are you?" I said to the apparent psycho.

He smirked, "You humans have a number of names for us," he said, "Angels of Death, Grim Reaper, the list goes on." 

"What?" I looked at the group, seeing Samantha nod as if agreeing with him.

"Calin is right," she said, "But we prefer to call ourselves something a little more civilized," She paused,

"Soul Catchers."






How many times has she almost died so far?

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