First date with Calum 💙

Fan Fiction for Calum girls xox


1. First date

*knock at the door* I opened the door only to find Calum Hood stood outside. I exclaimed and was breathless, I couldn't believe it was actually him and that he was at my door. He grabbed my hands and asked me to come for pizza with him. I said 'ok let me go get ready' he said 'no need, you already look becautifyl just the way you are baby.' He grabbed me by the hand and pulled me along the street to the pizza place. Inside I had never felt such a mix of emotions I knew that it was love as soon as he looked into my eyes. We stopped outside of the pizza parlour we sat down and he looked into my eyes and said three words 'I love you.' I melted inside I was speechless but he could see from my face I loved him too. He looked at me and said 'you look so beautiful I wish you were mine forever I've never seen such a perfect girl in my life and I want to spend the rest of my life with you.' He got down onto one knee and said 'would you like the last slice of pizza' 'CALUM' I said 'don't do that to me' we both laughed out loud together. We went home and he asked if I wanted to watch Netflix and cuddle with him and I simply replied with 'I would love nothing more.'

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