I love you [GXG]

"you thought wrong" her voice was barely above a whisper as she walks away slowly. "Im sorry maria! Please!" now i was just ebgging for forgivness,i forgot her birthday,it was her most important night of her life. she didn't hesitate to let the tears fall. she frowns at me. "i saw you kiss that girl last night...do you like her?" No "No.." "Then who anna? You never told me who you loved or had a crush on,when i told you i loved some special girl,I said i loved YOU..." i was shocked "I love you to marie..." i was shocked at this...The words just slipped


1. Be mine?

tears fell from her eyes as she tried to process what she saw...She saw her best friend kissing another Girl jealousy burned her insides. She never knew why she was attracted,maybe it was anna's cute and funny personality. Marie tried to avoid anna most of the time,yet she could never make herself come to that. She LOVED anna,she fell hard for The girl,but yet she could tell that The girl Would never feel the same,but she had to try tomorrow,even after what she saw

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