Girl Online [c.h]

He found her online, and fell in love. But, her identity is a secret, and she's just the Girl Online.


2. [two]

GirlOnline had just logged into Instagram, and decided to check her DMs. She had a few from friends, which she replied to, and then she noticed that Calum had sent her a DM earlier that day whilst she was at school.

calumhood: Hey :) whatcha doing?

GirlOnline: Just got home from school. You?

Calum got an Instagram notification:

GirlOnline sent you a message.

He smiled as he opened up the Instagram app.

calumhood: Just checking social media. How was school?

He quickly went through the newest Instagram pictures, liking some of them. He was about to check Twitter again, when GirlOnline replied.

GirlOnline: Boring. Not a fan of school.

Calum took a breath, before replying.

calumhood: Can I ask you something?

GirlOnline: Sure.

calumhood: What's your name?

GirlOnline paused before typing.

GirlOnline: Sorry, I can't tell you.

calumhood: Why not?

GirlOnline: I like to keep my identity a secret.

calumhood: I understand. Sorry for asking.

GirlOnline: It's fine. I have to go now, ttyl x

Then she went offline.

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