Girl Online [c.h]

He found her online, and fell in love. But, her identity is a secret, and she's just the Girl Online.


3. [three]


GirlOnline's phone bleeped, indicating she had a notification.


calumhood sent you a message.

GirlOnline sighed, before unlocking her phone.

calumhood: Free to talk?

GirlOnline: Not really.

calumhood: Did I interrupt something?

GirlOnline: Just homework.

calumhood: When does it need to be in?

GirlOnline: Next week.

calumhood: Then you have time to talk.

GirlOnline chuckled.

GirlOnline: What's up?

calumhood: I'm bored :(

GirlOnline: And?

calumhood: What's your Twitter?

GirlOnline: @GirlLovesMusic

Calum went onto Twitter and followed GirlOnline, before going back onto Instagram.

calumhood: So, where do you live? I promise not to stalk you.

GirlOnline: I recently moved from Sydney to Brisbane.

calumhood: Do you like Brisbane?

GirlOnline: It's OK, but I prefer Sydney.

calumhood: Any siblings?

GirlOnline: Two older sisters and a younger brother.

Ashton called Calum from downstairs, and he replied saying that he would be down in a minute.

calumhood: I gotta go. TTYL x

Calum went downstairs, and GirlOnline checked Twitter and Instagram once more, before turning her phone off and finishing her homework.

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