Girl Online [c.h]

He found her online, and fell in love. But, her identity is a secret, and she's just the Girl Online.


1. [one]

Calum was scrolling through Instagram, when he saw a beautiful picture of the Sydney Opera house. After liking the picture, Calum went onto her profile.


I write and listen to music.

Calum looked through her posts, and liked some of them. "She's really good at taking photos." Calum smiled to himself. He decided to follow and then DM her.

calumhood: Hi :) I like your photos.

Calum checked his Twitter, replying to a few fans, before checking his Instagram again.

GirlOnline: Thanks x

She replied. Calum grinned.

calumhood: Do you like taking photos?

He got an instant reply.

GirlOnline: Yep, it's one of my hobbies. What about you?

Calum smiled as he typed back.

calumhood: I write music. I'm in a band, actually. Have you heard of Five Seconds of Summer?

It was a few seconds before the girl replied.

GirlOnline: Yeah, I like your music :)

calumhood: Thanks. So, how are you?

They continued to talk, until the girl had to go. Calum said that he enjoyed talking to her, before he went back onto Twitter, occasionally checking Instagram.

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