Girl Online [c.h]

He found her online, and fell in love. But, her identity is a secret, and she's just the Girl Online.


9. [nine]

It was Sunday, and Raenn had just set off to the hotel where Calum and the others were staying.

GirlOnline: Arrived :)

calumhood: I'll be down in a min x

Calum grabbed his jacket and the present he'd bought, before sneaking round to the back of the hotel, where Raenn was waiting. "You look beautiful." Raenn turned and came face to face with Calum. She was wearing some black skinny jeans, a flowery crop top, jean jacket and some white converse. Her hair was in a simple ponytail.

"It's so amazing to finally meet you." Calum smiled as he embraced Raenn. "Here, this is for you." Calum handed Raenn his gift. She opened it and gasped. Calum had bought her a silver necklace with a 'R' on it. "I love it." Raenn thanked him. "So, why did you want to meet me here?" Raenn asked. "I thought there would be fans outside the hotel." Calum explained, and Raenn nodded in understanding. "Come on, I'll untroduce you to the others." Calum put took Raenn's hand and led her up to his room.

Calum opened the door. The other three were sat on the couch. Ashton was playing a video game, and Luke and Michael were on their phones. "Guys, this is Raenn. We've been talking over Instagram." Calum introduced. "Nice to meet you." Luke smiled, before raising his eyebrow at Calum, who was still holding Raenn's hand. Calum let go, before chuckling nervously. "Do you want to stay the night?" Calum asked as Ashton turned the TV, annoyed with the video game because he couldn't pass the level he's on.

Raenn nodded, before taking her phone out. She took a quick snapshot of Calum, Luke and Michael, who were all making funny faces, then making it her lockscreen. Calum moved over, making room for Raenn to sit down. "Should I sleep on the couch?" Raenn asked. "You can sleep in my bed," Calum suggest. "If that's ok." Raenn shrugged. "Sure." She then yawned. "Tired?" Raenn nodded. Calum led her to his room and left her to rest.

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