Girl Online [c.h]

He found her online, and fell in love. But, her identity is a secret, and she's just the Girl Online.


4. [four]

Calum got home late that night, since it had been a busy day.

GirlOnline: Hey, where were you today?

calumhood: Busy. You?

GirlOnline: School. Again. :(

Calum laughed.

GirlOnline: I feel like I can trust you.

calumhood: You can. What's up?

GirlOnline: Nothing. I just know that I can tell you if something is bugging me.

calumhood: What about your parents?

GirlOnline: They're always working. My sisters live in their own apartment, and what would I talk to my brother about?

calumhood: You can always talk to me :)

GirlOnline: Thanks, Calum x

calumhood: Can I ask you something? It's nothing personal.

GirlOnline: I guess.

calumhood: Where did you come with your username?

GirlOnline: It's the title of one of my favourite books, Girl Online by Zoë Sugg.

calumhood: The YouTuber?

GirlOnline: You've heard of her?

calumhood: My sister Roxy and her friends love her. Which is weird, since Roxy isn't that girly.

GirlOnline: What's Roxy like?

Calum liked that GirlOnline wanted to know more about his life. Well, his sister.

calumhood: She's alright. A bit annoying, sometimes.

GirlOnline chuckled.

calumhood: What about your siblings? What are they like?

GirlOnline: I don't have the best relationship with them. I'm not super close with my parents, either.

Calum didn't know how to reply.

calumhood: I have to go, food's here. TTYL

GirlOnline sighed. She knew it was a bad idea telling Calum that.

GirlOnline: It was a bad idea to tell you that, Calum. I'm sorry.

GirlOnline then went downstairs for something to eat, and she didn't go on Instagram for the rest of the night.

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