Girl Online [c.h]

He found her online, and fell in love. But, her identity is a secret, and she's just the Girl Online.


8. [eight]

Raenn was watching TV, when she got a DM on Instagram from Calum.

calumhood: call me :) [inserts number]

Raenne ignored it, since she was catcing up on Modern Family.

calumhood: Hello?? Rae!

GirlOnline: I'm watching TV.

calumhood: Whatcha watching?

GirlOnline: Modern Family.

calumhood: I'll leave you alone then :(

GirlOnline: Aw, I'm sorry, Cal.

calumhood: Can I ask a favour?

GirlOnline: Sure, I guess.

calumhood: This weekend, we're going to Brisbane for a few shows. Meet me Sunday at 12:30 round the back of the hotel [insert hotel name]

GirlOnline: Ok, see you Sunday x

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