That's What Life's All About

Life of a forest girl
P.S cover credits to TRXYE


2. George and Lydie

I hopped down the stepping stones leading to my little home in the woods. Halfway there, I heard voices. One sounded like a little boy and the other sounded like a little girl. I walked up to them. The little girl had curly auburn hair and was about ten. The little boy had blonde hair and was about four. "Hi," I said, startling them. They scrambled. "It's alright,'' I said. "I'm not going to hurt you.''  The boy peeked out from behind a tree. The girl stepped over a bush. "O-oh?" the girl asked. I nodded. She smiled and took the boy's hand. "Lydie," the girl introduced herself. "Lydie," the boy repeated. Lydie shook her head and bent down to his eye level. "George," she told him. "George,'' he said back.

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