Halloween Spirits

I live to serve them. ( I tried my best to make a brutal some what crazy poem ps don't ask why )


1. Halloween Spirits

I can hear the whispers.

It starts to make me a drifter.

The spirits of Halloween are here.

It's time for everyone to fear.

The trees will try to grab children with their claws made of bark.

The wind will carry on the screams of the dead.

Everything will be stained red.

Everyone thinks though it's some trick or joke.

This starts to get the spirits provoke.

Thankfully, I'm their comrade.

Even if that means I go a little mad.

They tell me where the non believers are, and I hunt them down.

I have to keep things in balance even if it means murder.

They chose me when I was little with this deed.

And I always succeed.

I never get a drop of blood on me.

The spirits always get rid of the evidence.

I can remember every detail about every person that I've killed.

Having my blade enter their skin gives me a thrill.

The spirits at the moment have control of my feet.

Soon my next victim will fight or either accept defeat.

I think I'll give them a head start.

Then I'll slowly tear them apart.

The Halloween spirits seem to be getting sadder.

I'm going to grab the betrayer and bang his head on a rock and make it shatter.

I can feel my veins go cold.

I am the monster to be told.

This is my purpose.

I'm starting to become twitchy.

The beast inside want to feel alive.

I soon saw my target.

I grabbed my knife.

It's time for the first brutal sacrifice.

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