Loving Ash

Bandfic for Fanfiction Royale


Ashley Clifford spends her spare time coddling her camera and dancing to classic rock. After her high school boyfriend dumps her, she spends most of her time hiding out in her room and blasting pop breakup ballads. But what happens when her brother comes home? She hasn't seen him or his band in months.

Ashton Irwin spends his spare time banging on his drums or playing video games with his friends. Lately he's been hanging with his band, playing gigs all over. Returning home, he didn't expect to find Michael's little sister all grown up. And he definitely didn't expect her to join them on tour.

What happens when these two get put together in a small space? Will they bite each other's heads off, or will sparks fly?


22. Chapter Twenty-One: Damn, I'm becoming controlling and obsessive

Chapter Twenty-One: Damn, I'm becoming controlling and obsessive


"You don't like me, Ashton. You like the thought of me."

Her words were like a slap to the face. She didn't take me seriously. She thought I was making it up. How could she say that? I had liked her for four years. She was beautiful, smart, funny, sarcastic. She understood me. That wasn't something I was used to.

"That's not true, Ash," I groaned, my anger building. "I have liked you since day one. You were alway perfect to me. I know I've been an arse, but I'm trying. Can't you see I'm trying, Ashley?"

Her hand was pressed to my chest, her eyes downcast. I could see her shaking as she took steadying breaths. My fingers wrapped around her wrist, gently pulling her body against mine. She was stiff, her back straight as a board.

"Can't you see that I'm trying to be better?" I whispered. She let out a shuddering breath and laid her head on my shoulder, her body relaxed against mine. It felt so right, having her in my arms. I finally felt whole. "Please give me a chance, Ashley."

She let out a soft sigh, her cool breath hitting my neck. A shiver ran down my spine and I couldn't keep my grip from getting tighter. She didn't know what she did to me. She made me feel so many feelings I had never felt before. Such a strong jealousy came over me when I watched her with anyone else. I didn't want to share her with the others. I wanted her to myself. Damn, I'm becoming controlling and obsessive.

Her hands trailing up my arms snapped me out of my thoughts. Her fingers tangled into my hair and my eyes shot to her face. She looked thoughtful, but her eyes were slowly clouding.

"You can't keep acting like an arse, Ashton." The way she said it with both seriousness and breathlessness was turning me on. We were so close to each other.

"I know," I whispered wincing inwardly at the needy sound in my voice. "I'm sorry, Ash."

"I know," she responded, not accepting my apology, but acknowledging it. I stared down at the beauty in my arms, taking in everything about her. Her beautiful blue eyes that seemed to swallow me whole. Her long, dark curls that beckoned my fingers to run through them. Her button nose that scrunched up when she was mad. Her freckles, her rosy cheeks, her perfect curves, and her perfect size. I marveled again at how well she fit against me.

We were silent, just staring at each other for what felt like days. If I kissed her now, I could die happy. My eyes migrated from her soulful blue eyes, to her full pink lips. I knew they were soft, my mind going back to the rough kiss we shared at the beginning of this tour.

"So kissable," the words tumbled from my lips of their own accord, startling both of us. She blinked twice before her eyes settled on my lips. I felt her breath hitch as I leaned forward. I wanted to kiss her again. Once was not enough. "Ashley, can I kiss you?"

I lifted my eyes to hers, but they were closed. Her fingers tugged at my hair, bringing me even closer. Our lips were a breath away, barely brushing against each other. My grip on her waist tightened as she closed the gap between us.

Electricity shot through my body as her lips moulded to mine. It was a soft, innocent kiss, but it spoke volumes. All the warring emotions inside of me dissolved as I kissed her. I needed more.

My arms snaked around her waist, pulling her flush against me, and deepened the kiss. Her fingers tugged lightly on my curls and I let out a soft moan. My tongue ran along her bottom lip. I was practically begging for more.

Her lips parted, just a little as she gasped, and I took the opportunity to slip my tongue inside her mouth.

This kiss wasn't rough and heated like our first. No, it was slow and passionate. I was trying to tell her I would treat her like a princess. I wanted her to know I wasn't going to hurt her any more.

She pulled away, but I couldn't stop. I didn't want to stop kissing her. I kissed her jaw, earning a soft giggle from Ashley. As I moved my lips down her neck, her heavy breathing paused and she let out a low moan. I sucked gently on her neck, nibbling every so often. One of her hands was still in my hair while the other gripped my arm.

I couldn't get over how good she smelled. It was like heaven. My fingers found their way into the ends of her hair as my lips moved back to hers.

I loved feeling her body pressed against mine. She was perfect to me and I would make sure she knew that. I pulled away and pressed my forehead to hers, looking into her eyes.

"Ashley," it came out lower than I had anticipated and a shiver ran through her body. "Let me take you out."

Her eyes were bright and dilated, her lips red and swollen from our kisses, and her hair was in disarray. She looked sexy as hell. Her lips parted as she sucked in a breath.

"You want to take me out?" She asked as a small smirk slipped onto her lips. She looked adorable as she looked up at me. "As in a date?"

"Yes, Ash," I rolled my eyes before bending down to look her straight in the eye. "So, can I?"

She nodded, her eyes crinkling at the corners as she smiled. "Yeah,"

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