Loving Ash

Bandfic for Fanfiction Royale


Ashley Clifford spends her spare time coddling her camera and dancing to classic rock. After her high school boyfriend dumps her, she spends most of her time hiding out in her room and blasting pop breakup ballads. But what happens when her brother comes home? She hasn't seen him or his band in months.

Ashton Irwin spends his spare time banging on his drums or playing video games with his friends. Lately he's been hanging with his band, playing gigs all over. Returning home, he didn't expect to find Michael's little sister all grown up. And he definitely didn't expect her to join them on tour.

What happens when these two get put together in a small space? Will they bite each other's heads off, or will sparks fly?


14. Chapter Thirteen: I really needed to stop referring to them as 'mine'

Chapter Thirteen: I really needed to stop referring to them as 'mine'


After the fight and my escape to the back, we decided to head over to McDonalds for lunch. Yes, McDonalds. We let Michael choose. It didn't take long before we had all piled back into the bus, our stomachs full, and back on the road to the first venue.

As soon as we arrived at the arena, we were ushered backstage and met up with One Direction.

"Hello, love," Harry grinned as I walked up to them. Ashton was hovering near me, his hands shoved deeply into his pockets and he was glaring at anyone who looked at me. I rolled my eyes before grinning at the British boys.

"Hey, where's Niall?" My eyes scanned over the group, but the hyper Irish lad was nowhere to be seen. Louis swayed to my side, as if he was dancing to music playing in his own head.

"He's on the phone with his friend from back home." He smiled lazily at me, giving me a side hug. "We haven't met her, but I'm pretty sure he's in love with her. The problem is, she's got a boyfriend."

I grimaced. It was always hard having a crush on someone with a significant other. You had to watch them being lovey dovey with said person, and it always ended in broken hearts.

"Poor boy," I sighed, leaning my head on Louis' shoulder. I was exhausted from the long drive and I hadn't taken a nap today. "It sucks having a thing for someone in a relationship. Watching them kiss is probably the worst. Breaks your heart every time."

"I bet it does," Zayn mumbled through a cookie.

"Ashley!" Liam grinned when he walked through the door, a pretty brunette holding his hand. She was taller than me, and her hair was a darker shade of brown than mine--almost black, but she had blonde highlights and gorgeous, tight curls. Her white tank top made her already tan skin look even darker and her skinny jeans made her legs look longer. Her eyes were a slightly darker shade of brown than Liam's, and were framed by long eyelashes. She was gorgeous and I recognized her from somewhere. "I want you to meet my girlfriend, Danielle."

The girl smiled brightly at me, offering her hand.

"Hi, you can call me Dani," she said as we shook hands. "I've already heard tons about you, mainly from Ashton."

My jaw fell open at her mention of Ashton, but she didn't seem to notice.

"I hope you won't mind spending time with me this week. I have it off and Liam here invited me to spend it with him and the rest of the lads. I almost skipped it, knowing they would have tons of interviews and stuff I wouldn't be able to attend, but then he mentioned you would be here." She giggled, leaning into Liam's side. "It's been forever since there was any other girls here and I miss having girls nights."

"Wow, no I don't mind." I felt a smile form on my face as she spoke, knowing I already liked her. "I have been spending so much time with these boys lately, I'm dying for a girls night!"

She laughed with me as the lads scowled playfully. I knew Dani and I would be fast friends. She wasn't stuck up, and she hadn't let the fame of being a girlfriend go to her head. She was down to earth girl and I could tell she would be fun to spend the week with.

"If only El could be here! Then it would be a real girls night." Danielle shook her head. "Lou, when is she visiting? Maybe I could get time off then too."

Louis shifted awkwardly on his feet, a depressed glint in his eyes.

"Oh, um," he wouldn't meet anybody's eye and his grip on my waist tightened slightly. "We're actually taking a break. She uh, she said needed some space."

It went silent, awkwardly so. But luckily, Niall chose that second to show up.

"Hey guys!" He grinned, his bright blue eyes shining.

"Someone's in a good mood," I giggled, pulling the attention away from Louis. He smiled at me, giving me a soft squeeze. I turned to face Niall, watching his pale skin flush red. "What's her name?"

"Oh, uh," his cheeks were bright pink as he ran a hand through his short hair. "There's no girl. It's just Kassidy, my best friend."

"I thought I was your best friend!" Harry walked over to our small huddle followed by my lads. Dang, I did it again. I really needed to stop referring to them as 'mine'.

"We were discussing the girl on the phone, Hazza." Louis smirked, not noticing the death glare he was getting from Ashton. What was his problem?

"Oh, Kassidy." Harry rolled his eyes. "Would you just date her already, mate? You're obviously in love with her."

That comment made the poor boy blush even more. He shook his head at his friends.

"We're just friends, guys." Niall's eyes looked sad, almost like he wanted to avoid the conversation. "She's got a boyfriend."

"That doesn't mean you're not in love with her, Ni." Zayn muttered.

"Can we not talk about this?" Niall groaned, burying his face in his hands.

"Lou, I think you should probably let go of Ashley." Danielle giggled, her eyes lighting up with amusement. "It looks like Ashton wants to kill you."

We all turned to look at Ashton who had in fact been glaring at Louis. I blushed at his intense stare while everyone else laughed. Ashton blushed too, earning more laughter.

"Shut up," Ashton mumbled, glaring around at the group.

"Guys, time for sound check!" A tall skinny man called out. Ashton, Luke, Calum and Michael all rushed away from us, leaving me with Louis, Zayn, Harry, Niall, Liam and Danielle.

"He totally likes you, Ashley!" Danielle squealed, bouncing up and down a little. "Oh my god! You two would be such a cute couple!"

"Ha! That's funny!" I laughed out loud, holding my stomach. They all looked at me like I was crazy. "What? That was a good joke!"

"I wasn't joking," Dani pouted, crossing her arms.

"Seriously, you guys would be cute together." Zayn nodded in agreement. He had another cookie and offered one to Niall who happily took it and began to devour it.

"No, never going to happen." I shook my head with certainty. "We can't even stand each other, how would we work out as a couple? I don't even like him that way."

"You're such a liar!" Louis chuckled, patting my head.

"Guys, even if I did like him, I'm positive he doesn't like me." I groaned.

"If you don't believe us, we can always prove it." Harry smirked, wrapping an arm around my waist, replacing Louis'.

"And how would you do that?" I asked with a smirk. There was no way Ashton liked me. No way at all.

"Make him jealous of course!" Dani said with a duh tone of voice.

"Dani, I don't know if this is a good idea." Liam mumbled into her hair. "People are gonna end up getting hurt."

"It'll be fun, Li!" She pouted up at him. "If he doesn't like her, he won't get jealous."

"I really think this whole think is ridiculous." I grumbled. "Ashton has hated me since we met. I highly doubt I could make him jealous."

"You've just got to have the right partner in crime." Harry whispered into my ear, his breath sending a shiver down my spine.

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