The Forbidden Had Awaken

"Son do you know what happened over at the pool party you were at?" asked the cop named Jack.
"N-no....I don't I was knocked out from drinking too much. All I remember was somebody telling me to go to sleep that's when I blacked out........"


18. What happen to her mother?

After we all ate I needed to speak with my grandma.

"Grandma, I think it's time to take a visit to mother."

"I thought you killed her," asked Alison, Nick's mother.

"I killed my father. I am an only child. Grandma, Jack, Alison please follow me." We all got up. I started to lead the way to my mother. My mother was a sweet, loveable, caring mother like any other mother who would care for their own child. She was a great mother and still is...although this time she's the best of all. When I was ten my father tried to beat me to kill me. He said "It's because of you! Your mother is dying!" Yes, at that time my mother was dying. He beat me to the point where something inside me clicked and opened a new door. When he tried hitting my face I instantly grabbed a nearby fork and stabbed it in his throat just trying to defend myself. The man who once was my father grabbed his neck trying to stop the blood from spilling anymore but eventually he died. That's when my mother too was relieved from him in a way. I stood in my room thinking of what I should do so that my mother wouldn't die but I have tried killing her several times due to my instincts. I ran into a school that was in the neighborhood no ordinary child or person were to go to that school it was meant for preschool to 12th-grade kids. Supposedly it was meant for the AAA+ students but in reality, it was made for monsters of any kind. It was for triple A's students because these monsters were geniuses. These monsters have human forms but they too have their monster form. I meet the principle there. She spoke out to me and asked me to join her school as if she knew what I did would lead my future. In exchange, I asked her to save my mother and she did but my mother turned into insane women who tried to kill anyone and anything. Funny thing is she's scared of me and the principle. She's always mumbling to her self that she loves me. She has a few people on acceptance not to kill because if she did kill those who she shouldn't have she knew there would've been a punishment for what she had done. I kept her locked up in a lab like room although this lab wasn't for experimenting. It was more like a place to keep her from leaving the house or keeping her from killing anyone. Even though I myself kill people. I've had times where I wanted to set my mother free to see what she would do. I'd keep an eye on here though if I did let her go. I've thought if I let her go would I be able to have mother-daughter time? But I'm too overprotective. Even if we did go on a killing spree together my mother wouldn't be able to change her face or tone. So she would be caught easily.

"We're here." 

"This is a big door... and it's metal too..." said Alison. 

"There's a special reason for it," I claimed to press the code on the screen of the lock pad to the door. The door opened slowly as it did I lead the way. It was two doors that I had to open the code. They both have different codes in case someone tried to break in here. Two doors in case my mother tried to escape. Yes...she's that dangerous that I needed to secure her safety and to make sure she doesn't escape. We walked into the room that had a huge glass window and seats with a table full of buttons with a few microphones.

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