The Forbidden Had Awaken

"Son do you know what happened over at the pool party you were at?" asked the cop named Jack.
"N-no....I don't I was knocked out from drinking too much. All I remember was somebody telling me to go to sleep that's when I blacked out........"


19. The weeping of an innocent girl

I saw my mother through the glass window..tied arm up one way and the other up on the opposite way. Same with the legs...her eyes were covered..she couldn't see anything yet she still knew someone came in. It was a painful sight to see..seeing what I had to do for my mom yet I leave her here alone with no one to talk to. I send her meals every day with someone who she thinks is a teddy bear but in reality, it's just one of my servants dressed up as a teddy bear with the scent of honey because if she smelled the scent of a human she would try to break free to kill it. She only knows me and the principles scent even James and Jack's scent as well. One thing is she doesn't know who's Nick's mother and she doesn't know she's living here within my orders.

"Kayla sweetie is that you?" She smiled. She smelled my scent even though I haven't seen her in three years. How interesting. Yet it broke my heart knowing that she still remembers my scent even though she hasn't seen me in three years and a half. This new year which is only halfway before it becomes a fourth year. I didn't have the courage to go see her until now. I was afraid if she didn't recognize me... forgotten about me or probably because I didn't want to look at the position she was in. I stood there silent looking at her. Just looking at her made me fall into tears. I knew undoubtedly that she cannot stay like this forever.

"Why is she tied up like that?" said Alison in quite a loud voice.

"Alison you must keep it down. Her mother does not know you've been living here with us and if she finds out she'll murder you!" whispered my grandma to her.

"Sweetie is there someone else with you? I can hear someone else is with you hun." I gasped a huge amount of air into my system and breathed out to reverse how I felt.
"Kayla hun what should we do she found out?" whispered my aunt.

"Yes ma someone else is with me. It's James." I spoke to her as I was holding ong to the button letting me speak to her. She has sharp ears.

"Hun that's not James. I don't smell James. He. Is. Not. With. You."  Oh, she's smarter than I thought she would be...could it be...she's been trying to....far extend your powers.. this is bad.

"Grandma go get Jack right now." I whispered lowly. He was just outside the door. Quickly my grandma went to go get Jack.

"Your smart ma." I said giving her a compliment. I saw my mom smile at me. I felt her warm smile go towards me.

"Thank you dear."

"Your right it's not James. It's Jack. Say hello Jack."

"Hello mistress." Replied Jack to her.

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