The Forbidden Had Awaken

"Son do you know what happened over at the pool party you were at?" asked the cop named Jack.
"N-no....I don't I was knocked out from drinking too much. All I remember was somebody telling me to go to sleep that's when I blacked out........"


8. The psycho enters to school for a day

I got ready to go to school and I had totally forgotten about my bag and stuff at home. Ah great!...My stuff is at home. Oh, wait.... my old home...Shit... I remembered how she dressed up as a guy. I walked off to the kitchen where James and Kayla were at.

"How am I able to go to school without my stuff?" I asked.

"Oh don't worry your stuff is already here. Did you carefully look in the living room? Of course, you didn't." said James. He sounded just like Kayla right now. 

"Hey Kayla what's up with your disguise... Why are you dressed like a guy?" I politely asked. Oh crap, I asked without even thinking about what she told me earlier. Fuck...

"Don't worry James already knew about it. Doesn't it look like? I'm going to your school for a day." said Kayla. Her voice and eye color completely changed.

"Woah! What the hell? Your voice changed like a guy! and so did your eye color.." I got surprised for a moment.

"I have the ability to do anything duh! Weren't you listening to my story? I can change my face, eye color, voice, facial features. I can also read minds, talk in the mind of others control what people do."

"I seriously don't consider you human at all..."

"Pfft! She's human whether you believe it or not." Laughed James.

"Then you can see me as your next assassin immortal human demon" She laughed in that guy voice which totally creeped me out. After that total freaking conversation. We ate and I went over to the living room to gather my stuff and put them in my room. I grabbed my bag. Leaving towards the entrance. Kayla and James were already waiting for me.

"Hey, you don't even have your stuff. Plus the teachers won't let you in my school."

"Don't worry about it I got my stuff right here and plus I'm a transfer student to your school. But I still will be going to my immortal school."

"How's that even possible going to two schools at the same time."

"You seriously don't listen do you?" She said pissed off. Now I've done it...


"I have the ability to control minds and such..soo I can make them pretend I'm a regular student at your school and when I'm bored or done being there I can just erase the memory of being there from the teachers."

"Why not the students..?"

"I like to have attention." She smiled. We got inside the car. We drove off to school. The whole way there it was quiet. How am I supposed to explain to Jason I won't be living there anymore and about my mother? Man, this is tough... I saw Kayla smirk. We came in front of the school. I and Kayla got out.

"See you at home milady and young master.," said James. Everyone turned to look at us. They were all talking. What are they talking about?

"Did you forget we just came from a limousine?" smiled Kayla.

"Hey hey who is that hot guy with Nick." said a random girl.

"Oh great now everyone starts paying attention to me after they paid attention to only Jason. Wow, this is stupid."  Wait what do I call Kayla if she's dressed as a guy?!?! "Call me Eric.,"  said Kayla using her mind to talk to me in my own mind. We entered school all the girls were gossiping about us. We entered the classroom.

"H-hey I know you said you were coming to my school but we never agreed to you being in my class," I whispered to Kayla.

"Oh, would you like me to move to a different class? You do realize if I'm in a different class I can just murder them all. It will cause a huge scene." Kayla started to slowly walk away to go to a different classroom. Oh, right she is a serial killer! it would be really bad!

"Alright stay, stay, stay!" I whispered to her. The class has begun Everyone sat down in their seats except for Kayla. The teacher came in.

"Alright class, Today we have a new student. Please say your name," said Mr. Sanchez

"Hello, my name is Eric Valdez. A pleasure to be in this class." She smiled her innocent fake smile.

"Please seat in any free desk." She came to sit right by the empty seat next to me.

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