The Forbidden Had Awaken

"Son do you know what happened over at the pool party you were at?" asked the cop named Jack.
"N-no....I don't I was knocked out from drinking too much. All I remember was somebody telling me to go to sleep that's when I blacked out........"


9. The moment of displeasure

"So who should I kill next of these innocent people? Nick?" whispered Kayla.

"No one at all," I whispered back.

"Your not much of killer are you? You've killed fifty people yet you don't show any fun in killing and you're a demon too. This is why I'm disappointed in you." frowned Kayla looking at the teacher. The only moments I get the urge of killing is when I'm pissed or when something terrible was done to someone innocent.

"Oh ho! Then I'll be wandering off during lunch my little demon," said Kayla in my conscious.

Stop calling me yours! I suddenly realized Jason was in our next class. I thought about Kayla and what she had gone through with Jason. It pissed me off how he did that. Every time I thought of made me want to punch him. I thought about how Kayla would feel if she saw him these next two classes. I had to do something about it. I won't like Kayla to be upset or anything. Not after what she showed me at the mansion. The expression of a real innocent girl who was hurt badly and was forced to be evil to protect herself from others so she wouldn't be hurt ever again. At that moment I was the first to see the real Kayla except James has too but he doesn't count. I had the feeling to protect the girl who killed my mother. Though I thought about the reason she killed my mother over and over again and I didn't come to a conclusion. I sat there the whole period thinking just thinking about my mother, the reason why Kayla killed her, and about her feelings.

"Nick! Hey Nick!" yelled out Kayla.

"Woah! What? It's time to change classes."

"Wow that was fast" We got our stuff together and started heading towards second period.

"You wanted to know why I killed your mother?" said Kayla as she followed me.

"Yea I do want to know."

"She wasn't your real mother. She was a decoy. Your real mother is just like her but she cannot leave a certain area."

"What?...Then where is she and why a decoy?!" 

"Your mother was with you when your father tried to kill her and you but when you fell asleep that night she was ordered to stay at my grandmother's mansion. That same night she made a decoy of her exactly like her to stay with you."

"She knows you?" I questioned. We were in the classroom. We entered as we spoke.

"Yes, indeed she does. She's very polite. I've heard a couple of things about you from her. if you would like to see her I could take you tomorrow after school to see her."

"Yes please, I want to meet her in person." We sat next to each other.

"Just so you know I was the one who ordered her to stay at the mansion with my grandmother." She smirked.

"What! Why Kayla!" I kind of yelled it out to her. Lucky for me no one was here yet so I thought.

"Kayla? What about Kayla?" asked Jason.

 Shit, he heard me say her name! Hey, Kayla are you o-... I saw Kayla duck her head down in misery. She became that innocent girl again...

Sorry, I didn't tell you earlier.

"No worries I read your mind when you were thinking to yourself."

"What do you know about Kayla?" asked Jason again.

"Why should you care?" Kayla replied with that manly voice. I forgot he can't tell she's Kayla.

"So you do know about her..."

"Of course I do I go to her school."

"Then why are you here?"

"Because I felt like coming to the place of Nick's school because he has drawn her attention.

Don't provoke him!

"If I don't I'll kill him in plan site," she said a bit angered.

"What? Why didn't you tell me, Nick?!" He raised his voice.

"Bro calm down so what I got her attention weren't you the one who broke up with her in the first place? Why should you care? You did say she was useless to you and that she was boring.

 Sorry Kayla but I'll be taking care of him.

"She's still mine I still got her heart, duh."

 Is it true Kayla? I felt kind of hurt by those words though I didn't know why. 

"Only 2% is still with him I got someone else I like so he can kiss my ass." That's evil Kayla for you.

"Eh, not really man. She's been non-stop talking about Nick to me. All I hear is Nick, Nick, Nick."

"Tsk, I'll get her back just watch."

"Not in your dreams Jason," I said frowning. He walked off to his seat.

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