The Forbidden Had Awaken

"Son do you know what happened over at the pool party you were at?" asked the cop named Jack.
"N-no....I don't I was knocked out from drinking too much. All I remember was somebody telling me to go to sleep that's when I blacked out........"


10. The killer who has a soft spot

It really pissed me off when Jason said that I was his property. It is something I could let pass by but it's unforgivable and no one can tell me I'm there's without my permission first. I hate you, Jason. I had my elbow on the desk and my hand holding up my head. I lifted my right pointer finger up in the air. I pointed it in Jason's direction. I swished my finger around making a cut on Jason's arm. 

"What are you doing Kayla!?"

What does it look like I'm doing? I'm just having fun is all.

"Why are you cutting Jason!"

Don't worry it doesn't hurt. I can harm anyone just by a swoosh of a finger but it won't hurt them at all.

"So, in other words, it's harmful but painless?"


 "Still don't do it!"

What would you rather see me hurt your classmates or Jason?

"No one at all."

That's not an option. I'll say it once again. Would you rather see me hurt your classmates or Jason?

"I said no one!" I lifted my hand in the air right beside me wide open. Then I pointed it at the girl right in front of me and squeezed my hand real tight. I made the girl in front of me cough up blood.

"Mr. Sanchez! Marlen is coughing up blood!" I saw the teacher run over to her.

"Marlen! Are you ok!? Quickly Eric take her to the nurse!" Ehh....oh, wait this could be a perfect.

"No fair! Why her!" Whispered a girl. I took a look at her an analyzed her. Leticia huh...

"Ok Let's go, Marlen. Hold on to me Marlen." She put her arm around my neck. 

"You better not hurt her!" said Nick furious.

Oh, will see later after you learn to choose choices. I walked away carrying Marlen. We left the classroom. Damn, She's heavy when she's not walking at all. I need to change positions.

"Marlen, i'm going to carry you ok?" She was in too much pain too even walk or talk with me. I had no expression or emotion whatsoever. I picked her up holding her in both my arms. She was even lighter that way. I walked carrying her down to the nurse's office it wasn't far until we got there.

"S-sorry about this E-eric..." I looked at her.

"Why? You haven't done anything." I replied.

"I've been feeling ill.....ever since I found out my boyfriend had kissed and had it with another girl. His new girlfriend I should say...He cheated on me several times." At that moment I felt nothing but sadness of what I've done to the point of wanting to protect her. We were at the nurse's office already.

"We're here." There was no sign of the nurse at all.

"I c-can walk to the bed.."

"No, I'll take you there." I went to the bed inside the room and laid her down. 

"T-thank you..."

"Sorry for what I did but i'll heal you Marlen."

"W-what you didn't do anything..." I put her to sleep and erase her memory of the little conversation we had right now. I put my hand on her stomach. I whispered....

"Heal this young girl for she had done nothing wrong to anybody. She has been wounded and needs help. Please heal her." My little blue glowing ball appeared around my hand healing her wound from what I have done. Her wound was now healed. I didn't noticed that the bell rung. Marlen woke up and I gave her these healing pills I had forged with my healing power.

"Here drink this it will help you feel better." I smiled trying to comfort her.

"Thank you." She drank it.

"Well it's time to go to class, third period then lunch." I reached my hand out to her. She just stared at my hand then grabbed it.

"Thank you I feel better now." She smiled

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