The Forbidden Had Awaken

"Son do you know what happened over at the pool party you were at?" asked the cop named Jack.
"N-no....I don't I was knocked out from drinking too much. All I remember was somebody telling me to go to sleep that's when I blacked out........"


15. The girl who has gone through a lot

"I've never seen Kayla cry before....Have you guys seen this reaction before?" said Cristina.

"No." Everyone replied. I'm such an idiot why did I say such a horrible thing to her. I looked at Nick.

"Were you the first person who called her sick, and disgusting, Nick? I can tell by that face saying disgusted." I said.

"Yea... I ran after her awhile ago to go apologies but that scene I saw was too much."

"What exactly did you see?" asked Nate.

"I saw dead people lying around, blood everywhere, and Lidia kiss Kayla."

"Kayla was the one who killed the people, right?" asked James.


"I told you," said James with a frown. I stood up and started to head for the door. I was going to go apologize to Kayla and Lidia.

"Where are you going Dante?" asked Drake.

"I'm going to apologize."

"What if she tries to kill you!?" asked Katherine.

"If she wants to hurt me I will let her it's partly my fault too for saying those words to her." I stepped out. I went to look outside but they weren't in the front yard. I went back inside heading for the back door to the backyard. Suddenly I heard some yelling. I quickly opened the door. Lidia was on one side and Kayla on the other. Kayla looked like an evil vampire demon her aura was black flames while her eyes were glowing white. She wasn't wearing that wig and clothes anymore. Lidia's aura was white flames and her eyes were glowing red. They both had their weapons out. I no longer knew who they were. They were real demon fighters now.

I was tired of going through rude, savage, harmful, hard things.

"KAYLA STOP IT NOW!!" yelled Lidia.


"KAYLA PLEASE CALM DOWN!" I grew my fangs out as they grew out my fallen angel's wings came out as well.


"YOU KNOW I DON'T WANT TO!" I ran quickly to her and cut her cheek. 

I saw how Kayla even though Lidia told her she doesn't want to die she cut her cheek. Lidia shot her arm.

"KAYLA STOP THIS!" Everyone came running to the back where I was.

"What's happening!?" asked everyone.

"Their fighting," I said.

"Dante why don't you stop them?!" asked Drake. I was terrified to even move. Another gunshot was lit off again this time hitting Kayla in the leg.

"KAYLA STOP!" yelled Nick. Kayla cut Lidia's arm.

"MILADY!" yelled James running towards her but he was blocked off by a forcefield.

"KAYLA PUT DOWN THE FORCEFIELD!" Kayla looked at our direction.

"Oh? You guys wanna die as well?" said Kayla in a demonic voice. I ran towards the forcefield jabbing my knife into it. Kayla was coming towards us.

"KAYLA LEAVE THEM ALONE!" said Lidia shooting her in the neck.

"LIDIA YOUR GOING TO KILL HER!" yelled Nate. Kayla pushed the bullets out of her wounds make herself bleed even more.

"I thought you said Kayla was human!?" said Nick.

"She was until yesterday.. a vampire demon bit her sucking her blood out but when he bit her, He transformed her into a vampire demon. That's the real form of a vampire demon," said James.

I kept going towards everyone's direction. Lidia kept shooting at me although I felt no fear I could feel the pain. I smiled real big to show everyone to never mess with me or to never hurt my feelings.

"KAYLA!" yelled out Lidia. I turned to look at her. I saw the bullet hit my forehead. No one will ever want to be by someone like you!  were the words that ran through my head when the bullet hit me. Those were the words of Jason and my dad. I started to cry blood. I couldn't take the excruciating pain anymore so I fled the mansion. I couldn't hear anything anymore. I started to head towards my grandma's house one knew that place except for me and James but I always told James to never go there. My wings were hurt. I was tired of everything. I finally made it to the front door when Jack opened the door.

"What happened to you milady!?" I tried getting up but I couldn't.

"I w-want to see my grandma.." Jack picked me up taking me to my grandma in the upstairs living room. As we went upstairs I had to force myself to walk.

"Take it easy your hurt." We went up as we did we made it to the top we started heading towards the living room.

"Mistress! It's lady Kayla!" I saw my grandma quickly coming over to me.

"OH MY! What happens my little girl."

"She can't speak."

"Please lay her down on the sofa." She sat there while she had my head resting in her lap.

"It's ok sweetie just relax and sleep soon grandma will heal you." As I heard those words I fell unconscious.

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