The Forbidden Had Awaken

"Son do you know what happened over at the pool party you were at?" asked the cop named Jack.
"N-no....I don't I was knocked out from drinking too much. All I remember was somebody telling me to go to sleep that's when I blacked out........"


2. Negotiating

~ 10 A.M. Saturday Jason's house~

I heard a door unlocking but I couldn't wake up. As soon as the person opened the front door they yelled.

"AHHHHH!!" yelled the voice. I suddenly woke up.The first thing I saw was Jason's mom. Oh, yea Jason did say his mom wasn't coming home till 10 A. M. I looked around and saw everyone dead. Blood everywhere. Blood in the pool, knife cuts on Domini. His throat slit open. Jennifer was stabbed in the heart and her stomach cut open and Jason wasn't around. I started to panic.

"WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED!!" I started screaming in terror. I saw Jason's mom crying.

"Nick what happened!!!" She yelled at me.

"I - I don't know! Everything was fine. We had a pool party last night when you were gone cause Jason invited everyone over. We were having fun, playing games and was drinking alcohol."

"YOU GUY WERE WHAT?!!" She was in terror and she was furious.

"Well...anyways I got drunk and blackout the whole night. All I heard was screams and yelling. WAIT! Why are we talking we need to call the police!!!" I pulled out my phone and called 911.

"W-where's my baby! I don't see him!" Cried Jason's mom.

"Hello, this is nine one one how can we be of service?"

"Hello yes, I was calling because someone has killed all of my friends!" I was panicking.

"Sir please calm down and tell us your address."

"Yes! 8531 W. 51st Mccallen Avenue"

"We'll send the ambulance and police over.

"Miss Carmen I called the police over they will be coming soon!" We heard someone open the front door. It was Jason.

"JASON!!" I yelled.

"Jason! Where! My baby boy I'm so glad your safe but you are grounded young man!" said Carmen hugging Jason.

"Jason, you alright?" I saw Jason crying in terror as well.

"Sh-she killed them all! I couldn't save anyone! I ran away as fast as I could! Wait...your alive Nick!"

"Yea I was knocked out. Whoever did this thought I was dead." We heard someone knock on the door. The police station was close but a little far from the house.

"This is the Police please open this door!" I quickly ran and opened the door.

"Oh my god I'm so glad that you came!"

"What the heck happened here. Sorry, but could you guys please step outside." We all went outside. The policemen went inside to look around while we had two policemen ask us questions.

"When did this happen and around what time?" asked the cop Romero.

"Last night around 10:30 pm, " responded Jason.

"Did you see what happen?"

"Yes," responded Jason.

"and you?"

"No," I responded. After a while of asking us questions they sent us home and as for Jason and his Mom they were told to take some of their clothing and stuff because their house would be in an investigation for this week. I told my mom about the situation and she freaked out for a moment then she let them stay over until they could go back ...luckily we had two extra rooms for guests. 

~one week later~

I, Jason and Jason's mom were taken to the investigator's office to answer some questions. They started with me first.

"Hello, my name is Jack. I am a police investigator."

"Hello, my name is Nick," I replied

"Son do you know what happened over at the pool party you were at?" asked the investigator.

"N-no...I don't. I was knocked out from drinking too much. All I remember was someone telling me to go to sleep that's when I blacked out." I said stuttering.

"I see."

"I....couldn't see cause my vision was blurry and black but I also heard screaming and yelling then I knocked out."

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